AdGuard for iOS v2 release

Hello guys!

A really short post today. Following the big release of AdGuard Pro for iOS, we unleash the regular version too. Changes are scarcer, as it usually is with "regular" vs "pro" updates, but there is still enough new stuff to look at. Let's do just that — have a quick glance at new features.

Major changes

A lot of changes mimic the same ones from the AdGuard Pro update, but I'll list them here anyway, as not everyone has seen it.

[Changed] App redesign #455

This is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice when you run the app after the update. Light theme has been discontinued in favor of a dark one, and the overall style of the menu has changed. We were fully aware that changes like this are destined to spawn a lot of controversy, so feel free to rant in the comments :)

[Added] Integration with the web reporting tool #533

You may have heard about the online reporting tool before, especially if you are an AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard browser extension user (or if you are subscribed to our blog!). Basically, it is a web form to report missed ads, false positives or any other issues caused by AdGuard filters. Now it is integrated with AdGuard for iOS, so whenever you report a filtering-related problem, the app will take you to a special web page. A wizard will walk you through all the steps, and most of the required fields will be prefilled automatically.

[Added] AdGuard now detects if Content Blocker is not enabled in Safari settings #437

Enabling AdGuard Content blocker in Safari settings is required to have filtering going on in Safari. From now on, if AdGuard is disabled, the red warning will appear at the top of the main screen to remind you to enable the Content blocker. The video right below it shows how to do so (it is hidden on this screenshot, but it will be there on your screen).

[Improved] Mobile Assistant version has been updated #581

The “Preview” button disappeared from the “Block element on this page” tool in the last update due to technical difficulties, which caused a righteous uproar from many users. Luckily, we were able to resolve these problems by now and the preview button is back where it belongs.


This is not a full changelog, you can find the rest of it on GitHub. And if you have any thoughts on this update, or suggestions for the future ones, let us know by leaving a comment to this post.

Vasily Bagirov na AdGuard for iOS Release Notes
19. března 2018
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