Content-blocker Release - Verze AdGuardu

Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.5.6 z 14. listopadu 2019

Improved ad-blocking quality and speed.

Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.5.5 z 6. listopadu 2019

Minor fixes.

Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.5.3 z 3. října 2019
  • [Improved] Explore how AdGuard is installed when it's done via Samsung browser #183
  • [Added] Lithuanian language and more #185
  • [Improved] Update target api to 28 #188
  • [Added] Add dialog about Chrome Ads #189
  • [Added] Add communication-dialog #190
  • [Fixed] Unable to read full text #138
  • [Fixed] Crash of the content blocker #182
  • [Fixed] Y.browser issue #187
Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.2.6 z 6. listopadu 2018
  • [Fixed] Sending an intent for a filter rules update to the Yandex Browsers #152
  • [Fixed] Crash when auto update filters on the lollipop or lower #148
  • [Fixed] Filters do not update automatically #142
Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.2.3 z 10. září 2018
  • [Fixed] Crash during filters autoupdate on Android Lollipop or lower #142
  • [Fixed] Crash when launching the browser settings from main screen #143
  • [Fixed] Crash when the new filter is enabled #144
  • [Fixed] Crash upon the click on the "back" button on the settings screen #146
Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.1.3 z 17. dubna 2018
  • [Changed] Information about browsers has been updated #98
  • [Changed] Removed jar archives
  • [Fixed] Filters do not update automatically
Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 2.0.0 z 2. února 2018
  • [Added] Information about other AG products/platforms #82
  • [Added] New localizations: Danish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal (Portugal), Portugal (Brazil), Slovak #97
  • [Added] App icon has been updated #96
  • [Changed] Information about browsers has been updated #98
  • [Fixed] Filters do not update automatically #94
Blokátor obsahu AdGuard
verze 1.7.0 z 22. srpna 2017

[Fixed] Browsers are not notified when we auto-update filters #69

Previously, there was a bug that filter updates that happens at background were not applied to browsers. This update fixes it.

[Changed] Make "Safari filter" enabled by default in the Content Blocker #65

Due to difference adblocking methods we use in different platforms, we provide different filters for each platforms. Until now, there was no special filter for Adguard Content Blocker. The ad blocking extensions provided by Samsung browser and Yandex browser is close to that of Safari, so we decided to enable Safari filter by default. Filter categorization is on the way of change, so the name of the filter which is a bit unfit for content blocker will be changed.

[Improved] Feedback/Contact Us option #76