Mac Release - Verze AdGuardu

This is a rather uncharacteristic update for AdGuard for Mac. There's no real headliner, but instead a bunch of bugfixes, low-scale improvements, and localization updates. Important! Starting with this update, AdGuard will only work on macOS 10.12+. Unfortunately, the older macOS versions do not have capabilities to support the advanced techniques we use in our filtering engine.
[Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.7.189 #835
[Fixed] Some text strings on the initial setup screen are clipped #785
[Fixed] Opera browser isn't filtered in Network extension mode #800
[Fixed] Switching between system profiles causes AdGuard to crash #805
[Fixed] - HTTPS filtering issue #1406
[Fixed] is broken #1411
[Other] Added Dutch localization
[Other] Microsoft Outlook removed from the list of applications filtered by default
[Other] Added AdGuard Browser Assistant extension support in Edge browser
Today we are launching a small but still very important hotfix. Namely, the compatibility with the new Chrome 87 was improved and the CoreLibs was updated.
[Other] ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on some websites #1374
This week Chrome 87 was released, which has a compatibility problem with AdGuard when using the HTTP/2 filtering protocol - some sites may experience regular hangs and download errors. In this update we have improved HTTP/2 filtering compatibility with Chrome 87, it is recommended to upgrade to the new stable version as soon as possible. :)
[Fixed] BigSur: AdGuard can't start protection in Network Extension filtering mode because of codeSignatureInvalid error
Also in this update, the issue which many Big Sur users encountered was fixed. AdGuard network extension couldn't pass the authenticity verification of the developer's signature. Because of that, it was impossible to turn the Network Extension mode on and to enable AdGuard protection.
[Fixed] AdGuard stops working after the system is out of sleep #781
[Fixed] Change the KEXT behavior in case of a change of user #769
[Other] Protection switch is stuck after system update
[Other] Update CoreLibs to 1.7.150 #787
This patch is simple and clear: only four fixes in the main changelog and three ones in the CoreLibs section. In case you've never heard of it, CoreLibs is our filtering engine that affects filtering quality of our apps so we try to upgrade it regularly.
[Fixed] The DeepL app won't connect #763
[Fixed] No HTTPS connectivity in browser #755
[Fixed] Nord VPN breaks connection when AdGuard uses KEXT
[Fixed] AdGuard blocks Facebook images from loading
CoreLibs updated to v1.7.143
[Fixed] $badfilter rules are sensitive to domain lists #1331
[Fixed] Issues with web filtering
[Enhancement] Improved behavior in Proxy mode when server addresses are partly unavailable #123
The biggest thing about AdGuard v2.5 for Mac is better compatibility with Big Sur. Thanks to adoption of System Extensions, AdGuard will work better on the newest macOS iteration — read below to find out the details. Other than that, we made a lot of changes and enhancements to CoreLibs, which will result in an overall better filtering quality.
[Enhancement] System Extensions support in Big Sur #692
First of all, what are System Extensions? It all started in 2019 when Apple decided to minimize the amount of code that's executed in kernel. The old framework — Kernel Extensions — was declared as deprecated. As an alternative, Apple offered System Extensions, and specifically Network Extensions as a framework for apps that filter traffic.
In macOS 11 (Big Sur), the old Kernel Extensions will not be supported (partly or at all), so we are adding support for the new framework. If you're already on Big Sur preview, make sure your AdGuard works in Network Extensions mode: open AdGuard's menu -> Select Preferences... -> Network -> Select Mode.... "Kernel Extension" mode should be grayed out, and "Network Extension" mode should be selected.
Unfortunately, as a replacement for Kernel Extensions, Network Extensions aren't around for long yet (they first appeared in this role in macOS 10.15). They are still being actively developed by Apple, so there is a significant amount of various issues associated with them. If you're facing any, please check out our problem solving guide.
Other changes
[Fixed] AdGuard icon hidden from menu bar #265
[Fixed] The protection is automatically deactivated when the system goes into sleep mode #722
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter Brave Browser on Big Sur #746
[Fixed] Enable/disable protection in main menu is available when the app starts
[Fixed] Parameters stripped by Stealth Mode are not visible in filtering log
[Fixed] Incorrect behavior of EV-certs filtering feature
[Fixed] Switching between logging modes is not working with kext
[Fixed] Trackers counter doesn't work
[Other] Upstream Proxy added for AdGuard #731
[Other] Added "How to enable Network extension" screen
[Other] New app icons for Big Sur
[Other] Localizations updated
Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.119
[Enhancement] Add $ping content type #1258
[Enhancement] Trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
[Enhancement] Indicate libraries versions #1150
[Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return the original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
[Fixed] Exclusion with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
[Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
[Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
[Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
[Fixed] Foreign requests get into filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
[Fixed] Path combining helper adds an extra slash #1338
[Fixed] The filter ID of the triggered rule for a blocked request is not defined correctly#1312
[Fixed] Issue with #1340
[Other] Encoding errors #79
[Other] Partial HTML processing issues #1308
[Other] certificate is not re-issued when it expire #1348
Here comes AdGuard for Mac 2.4! Two betas served as cornerstones for this new version and we are glad to present it to you five months after the previous release.
The biggest thing that has changed here is the new Assistant. CoreLibs has traditionally been updated, too, which enhanced filtering quality. In other aspects, 2.4 is more of a bugfix release. We cleaned it from the recurrent problems of the previous versions, polished it up, so it works nice and smooth.
[Enhancement] The old Assistant has been replaced with a native Assistant browser extension #669, #670
AdGuard Browser Assistant is a new browser extension that simultaneously takes over the roles of the old Assistant and of the integration mode. We definitely support the functional approach, so we thought: why distribute workload between two old tools when one new extension can handle it better? Now let us tell you what AdGuard Browser Assistant is capable of.
What can you do with the help of the Assistant? Enable/disable filtering on the current webpage, manually block any element on the page, reporting the website if something goes wrong or view the filtering log. Now you have all these features without the limitations that appeared in the integration mode or in the old Assistant.
When you install AdGuard for Mac for the first time (or update it to the new version), the Safari Assistant will be installed automatically. If you use another browser, you can download the Assistant at this link. Or, you can install the Assistant for your default browser via app settings or during the onboarding process.
[Fixed] Incorrect information about QUIC connections is displayed in the filtering log #532
[Fixed] Filtering in Microsoft Edge Beta doesn't turn off when removing the browser from filtered applications #663
[Fixed] AdGuard does not preserve the Whitelist #674
[Fixed] Fast user switching might corrupt certificate database #675
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn’t work in Brave Beta 1.7.64 #689
[Enhancement] Different build configurations for beta/release/nightly #615
[Enhancement] "What's new" screen now shows up after major app updates #671
[Other] New localizations: Croatian, Persian, Romanian, Thai #678
CoreLibs has been updated to 1.5.269
[Fixed] Incorrect extended CSS rule causes problems with JS rules’ work * #1147
[Fixed] Rules with :style() are converted incorrectly #1149
[Fixed] Issue with LINE extension #1280
[Fixed] Rules with restricted domains do not match requests without referer #1286
[Fixed] Stealth mode error #1290
[Fixed] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules #1293
[Fixed] Basic rules with wilcard in top level domains are not working #1298
[Enhancement] “Proceed anyway” option doesn’t work correctly if a website is blocked by a rule with $all modifier #1267
[Enhancement] New rule selection algorithm for the cases when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1291

After looking closer at the last beta we decided it was good enough to become a little proud release all by itself. It’s mostly focused on fixing network- and UI-related bugs, but there’s also a new Stealth Mode parameter to block Java.

  • [Added] “Block Java” option to Stealth Mode #476
  • [Added] HTTPS filtering step to the initial wizard #659
  • [Changed] Discord, Steam and Outlook added to the list of apps filtered by default #483
  • [Fixed] Several minor UI issues in Filters window #422
  • [Fixed] The text for onboarding tips is truncated in some localizations #616
  • [Fixed] Onboarding screen turns black #629
  • [Fixed] Menubar icon becomes semi-transparent #650
  • [Fixed] AdGuard is irresponsive after pressing "Ignore" button during settings reset #651
  • [Fixed] "Next" button unavailable during extension reinstall #652
  • [Improved] After adding a custom filter the focus is switched to that filter #441
  • [Improved] Certificate page design #451
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.163 #662

What makes a good ad blocker update? New features? We added custom userscripts support and activation via personal account — check. Improved ad blocking quality? There’s a CoreLibs update and support for new modifiers — check. Fixes to known bugs? It’s all here, and it’s for you to enjoy!

[Added] Custom userscripts support #11

Userscripts, or “extensions” as we also call them, are highly useful mini-programs that change the behavior of web pages. Every AdGuard for Mac user probably knows about at least some of the extensions added by default, for example, AdGuard Assistant or Popup Blocker.

Now you have an option to add any custom extensions by clicking on the plus symbol in the “Extensions” tab of AdGuard settings window. You are able to load userscripts either from a local file or by URL.

[Added] Option to activate AdGuard by logging into your personal account #588

This is something we’ve already tried with some of the other AdGuard products, and it proved to be a useful addition. Basically, instead of entering a license key directly, you can link your personal account to the app by entering the credentials, and AdGuard will automatically get activated if there’s at least one eligible license key in your account.

[Added] Scriptlets support

Scriptlets is a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that scriptlet is an internal script (a mini-program) that we install with the app, and then execute that script with the help of filtering rules. Putting it simply, scriptlets allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. As for the practical use, this helps to block anti-ad blockers, for example, and in some other cases.

[Added] $redirect and $rewrite modifiers support

They are practically the same modifiers, and they allow to substitute resources. If you are not a custom filtering rules aficionado, don't bother with it. Just know that it is yet another instrument in the hands of filter developers that helps block ads more efficiently.

We should mention that both $redirect and $rewrite modifiers are still kind of working in test mode, but they are fully operational and you should feel free to use them.

  • [Added] “Trusted” flag for custom filters #521
  • [Changed] Edge icons have been updated #641
  • [Changed] Opera Beta and Opera Dev added to the list of apps filtered by default #621
  • [Fixed] “Untrusted CA certificate” issue #596
  • [Fixed] Extra copies of “AdGuard Extra” userscript #607
  • [Fixed] Editing user rules doesn’t work when search box is not empty #569
  • [Fixed] AdGuard icon is invisible #527
  • [Fixed] Remotix compatibility issues #592
  • [Fixed] Custom userscripts can’t resolve URLs with non-English symbols #640
  • [Improved] Installer icon updated to match the app’s icons #584
  • [Improved] Voiceover accessibility #634
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.130 #645
  • [Improved] AdGuard now can parse Last modified parameter of custom filters #409
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated

Recently, many Chrome-based browsers have rolled out their respective updates. Due to some technical peculiarities behind these updates, AdGuard for Mac became unable to filter these browsers’ traffic. Obviously, we couldn’t sit on our hands till the next scheduled release and came up with an urgent hotfix.

This update will not blow you away, unless you are really, really into bugfixes and under the hood improvements. But those we have aplenty, especially when it comes to CoreLibs filtering engine. As a result, the new Mac version works faster and blocks ads better than its predecessor, but lacks bit in the wow-factor: the only new feature is, admittedly, rather tame.

[Added] Automatic filter subscriptions detection #279

Most filters have “subscribe” buttons on their homepages or in other places. From now on, AdGuard will be able to intercept click on such links and offer you to add these filters to the app. It’s not much perhaps, but it’s a nice thing to have and it certainly won’t hurt anyone 🙂

[Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.4

There are over 50 bugfixes and improvements in this new CoreLibs version. Some notable examples:

  • AdGuard doesn't unnecessarily reset cookies anymore. Previously it could lead to such problems as spontaneous sign outs, which was especially irritating for websites like Twitch or YouTube.
  • Protection restart doesn't require closing connections anymore. Before v2.1, protection restarts could sometimes cause the interruption of your ongoing downloads, issues with online games etc.
  • Several issues with upload speed have been resolved.

Overall, AdGuard for Mac is now faster and much more stable than it used to be.

  • [Fixed] No internet connection with custom DNS in DNSCrypt #528
  • [Fixed] adguard-tcpkill process constantly crashes on macOS Catalina #530
  • [Fixed] “Reset Settings” option hangs the app #543
  • [Fixed] iTunes Store access issue #552
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Improved] Algorithm for automatic language filters activation #513
  • [Improved] Automatic detection of certificate issues in Firefox #472
  • [Improved] New settings reconfiguration method does not require closing active connections #542
  • [Improved] The new icon implemented across the app #561
  • [Improved] The protocol to add filter subscriptions #559
  • [Improved] Localizations has been updated

WARNING: for the app to work properly you might need to restart the system.

NOTE: if you currently have AdGuard installed to any folder except for /Applications, the old version will launch after the update anyway. In such case you need to close and uninstall the old AdGuard. Users who have AdGuard installed to /Applications already can update as usual.

Its a common situation when a release is followed by a hotfix, taking care of all unnoticed bugs. The bigger the release, the more bugfixes there usually are in the hotfix. All things considered, v2.0 can be considered a success, seeing how few serious issues we had to resolve in this update.

Ad blocking

  • [Fixed] Status of the "Trusted" checkbox isn't saved for custom filters #519


  • [Fixed] Pages don't load when two system user accounts are in use #509


  • [Fixed] Incorrect statistics after system restart #517
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't detect some system locales #502
  • [Fixed] Userscripts are not translated into Traditional Chinese #503


  • [Fixed] AdGuard installer does not work in MacOS Catalina beta #526
  • [Improved] CoreLibs engine has been updated #522

WARNING: for the app to work properly you might need to restart the system.

NOTE: if you currently have AdGuard installed to any folder except for /Applications, the old version will launch after the update anyway. In such case you need to close and uninstall the old AdGuard. Users who have AdGuard installed to /Applications already can update as usual.

This is one of the biggest updates in the history of AdGuard for Mac. It introduces the long-due Stealth Mode, an updated UI (including the improved Assistant), integration with CoreLibs — the new enhanced filtering engine — and much more. Give it a try and you'll immediately notice the difference.

[Added] CoreLibs integration #232

This is the first AdGuard for Mac that introduces CoreLibs — the new filtering engine that lies at the core of the filtering process. It is not random that we put this before such huge news as Stealth Mode or new design. The effects of this change will be both big and long lasting.
CoreLibs significantly enhances both ad blocking quality and performance, in comparison to the latest stable version. And since CoreLibs is a cross-platform filtering engine, in addition to these obvious improvements it allows to implement more new features that previously were only available in other AdGuard products.
Worth mentioning that AdGuard for Mac becomes the second AdGuard product to receive the «CoreLibs treatment» after Adguard for Android.

[Added] Stealth Mode #12

Stealth Mode is a special module which sole purpose is to protect your online privacy. It went a long way from an obscure, Windows-exclusive feature, to the centerpiece of almost any AdGuard product in the very near future. This is a logical flow of things as the value of privacy has been rising to the sky for some time now, and the need to protect it becomes apparent.
If you had a chance to use AdGuard for Windows, you will find inside all familiar options. We’ll not clog up the changelog by describing every single one, they are all explained in the tooltips next to them.

[Improved] New UI #346

Finally, we get to the new UI. You may be baffled why it was left until the very end of the changelog, the explanation is very simple: the changes are modest. Both the main screen and the settings menu look different enough, but you won’t have to re-familiarize yourself with the app. Think new, prettier icons, honed styles and so on.
One thing that stands out is the new Assistant, it is miles ahead of the old version in terms of convenience, and allows you to access the web reporter for any filter-related issues on the web pages.
Oh, and another treat, exclusively for Mojave users who prefer dark themes. AdGuard now supports the dark theme, so if you switch to it in your Mac settings, AdGuard will no longer be a black sheep among your applications, pun not intended.

New users will also be greeted with redesigned onboarding screens. They are made more informative and help make first steps and adjust AdGuard according to your needs.

[Added] AdGuard Extra extension #492

In some complicated cases the usual approach with filtering rules just doesn’t work. In particular, in some cases of ad blocker circumvention/ad reinjection. So we came up with an alternative solution — a userscript. For those unfamiliar, userscripts are basically mini programs that modify web pages and augment browsing.

AdGuard Extra does it in a way that makes it harder for websites to employ the circumvention/reinjection techniques. AdGuard for Mac is the first AdGuard product to get this addition, we are thrilled to see it in action and read your feedback on it.

[Changed] Developer ID has been changed #460

Application’s Developer ID has been changed to Adguard Software Limited. This shouldn’t concern you much, but if you are curious why it’s because of the problem we ran into on Mojave. Basically, all new and updated apps on Mojave now have to be notarized. In the future, this will be mandatory for all applications. And part of the notarization process for us was changing the Developer ID.

Ad blocking

  • [Added] An indicator for modified cookies in the Filtering Log #386
  • [Changed] Filtering rules limitations #393
  • [Changed] Handling of multiple $replace rules #338
  • [Fixed] "Proceed anyway" button does not work #369
  • [Fixed] "Rule" is missing from the Filtering Log item details #404
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes after editing the User filter #436
  • [Fixed] Compatibility problems
  • [Fixed] Microsoft Edge browser is not filtered #487
  • [Fixed] Receiving "Filter activated automatically" notification for already activated filters #366
  • [Fixed] Records with empty URL in the filtering log #342
  • [Fixed] Some filters become enabled after every app update #437
  • [Fixed] Vivaldi browser is not filtered #475
  • [Fixed] Whitelist shows comments from User Filter after update #452


  • [Added] Stealth Mode parameters to the web reporter link #388
  • [Fixed] Stealth Mode actions aren't showed in the Filtering Log #355


  • [Added] A description in the Filtering Log for some types of Stealth Mode events #421
  • [Added] Indicate that filter is trusted or recommended #445
  • [Added] New AdGuard for Mac icon #450
  • [Fixed] Blocked 'WebRTC, location API, push API' doesn't show in modified request in filtering log #449
  • [Fixed] Two notifications appear after using the manual ad blocking tool #419


  • [Added] «Application» column to the Filtering Log #341
  • [Added] «Export logs and system info...» option #395
  • [Changed] Exception rules created via Assistant now have $document,~extension modifiers #333
  • [Changed] Localizations has been updated
  • [Changed] The list of apps filtered by default has been updated
  • [Changed] Users with an active subscription will not be notified anymore that their license key is soon to expire #329
  • [Fixed] adguard-tcpkilldoes not work with the new Chrome version #427
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn’t start automatically on the system startup #480
  • [Fixed] Changes to the filtered apps and extensions are not applied until the protection is restarted manually #354
  • [Fixed] Description for “Strip tracking parameters” option #398
  • [Fixed] Filtering Log issues #430
  • [Fixed] Forwarder applied properly to all links in the app #389
  • [Fixed] High CPU usage due to a sync XHR request made by the Assistant #315
  • [Fixed] Kext status check does not work properly on macOS 10.14 #337
  • [Fixed] Statistics is not counted properly #334
  • [Fixed] The app hanged on exit #462
  • [Fixed] The list of filtered apps gets reset after an update #473
  • [Fixed] Website report is now sent properly via the Assistant #361
  • [Improved] Enhanced app accessibility #406
  • [Improved] New onboarding screens #385, #407
  • [Improved] Refactoring «Launch at Login» #415

In the anticipation of the AdGuard for Mac v2.0 big update (which is coming at the beginning of the 2019 and will have loads of new features), we really want to acquaint as many people with it as possible. And the biggest driving factor here is, of course, the ability to use the product in your native language. It was nothing but unfair that we deprived our French, Danish and Norwegian-speaking users of that opportunity. We apologize and add respective localizations to AdGuard for Mac for you to enjoy. See you next year with AG for Mac v2.0!

  • [Changed] Localizations has been added #322

A small update for v1.5. We have temporarily disabled support for the dark theme on Mojave OS for version 1.5 since we were focused on the technical part of the development for the new version 2.0. In the upcoming major v2.0 update big changes are expected, but as for now:

  • [Changed] Disable dark mode on Mojave OS #379
  • [Changed] Localizations has been updated
  • [Fixed] No default filters on clean install #360
  • [Fixed] Welcoming UI and app menu are broken in dark mode on Mojave #359

A small but important update that resolves to issues:

  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter new Chrome 72 builds #349
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter Brave Browser 0.55 unless you add it manually to the list of filtered apps #351

No new stunning features this time, the release is mostly about bugfixes. But they are important ones, you'll appreciate them if you were unlucky enough to come across one of the fixed issues. Oh, and we have added Japanese localization — we know there are quite a few Japanese users out there!


  • [Fixed] Browser connections are blocked in certain circumstances #306
  • [Fixed] TCP FastOpen incompatibility #309
  • [Fixed] Compatibility with Boxcryptor #310
  • [Fixed] High CPU usage due to a sync XHR request made by Assistant#315


  • [Changed] Localization fixes for the Japanese translation #308
  • [Changed] Start using for the website links #313

It’s been a while since the last AdGuard for Mac release, so we owed one to our Mac users. This release is small but impactful — or at least we hope so. Some important bugfixes and key improvements have been done, all aimed at achieving better stability and filtering quality.

[Fixed] Sometimes connections can randomly slip past AdGuard #285

The title pretty much explains it. We’ve received several complaints from users about some websites not being filtered (even big ones like Without diving into technical details, we managed to fix it.

[Fixed] Crash in `tcpClosed` handler while the laptop is sleeping #295

Another bug that doesn’t really require any further explanation, but is serious enough to justify mentioning. In case you encountered this frustrating behavior — rejoice! The bug is fixed in this version.

[Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated to version 1.10 #293

This effectively means more extended cosmetic rules are supported now. Which, in its turn, ensures “cleaner” look of the post-processed pages (no ad leftovers, empty spaces etc.).

Ad blocking

  • [Fixed] CSP issue at #292
  • [Fixed] HTTPS filtering + Firefox master password issue #284


  • [Fixed] Certain traffics gets corrupted #172
  • [Fixed] Dropping TCP connections leads to kernel panics after `nfext` unloading #276
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter traffic when TunnelBear extension is enabled #286


  • [Fixed] Protection status UI bug #304
  • [Improved] AdGuard UI files have been altered to use modern approach in localization #273


  • [Fixed] Userscripts are injected despite being disabled #296
  • [Improved] Better support for language codes #290


We are on the verge of the year 2018, and what is a better time to release a new AdGuard for Mac version? :)

As you will see with this update, a lot of major changes here relate to UI convenience and better user experience — in particular, filter subscription by URL deserves a separate mention. Ad blocking quality has been increased too, several bugs have been eliminated.

Ad blocking

[Added] Filter subscription by URL #1

It’s become much more convenient now to add new filter subscriptions since you have a choice between uploading a local file or entering a URL.

[Improved] Close active connections when network filtering starts #263

Translating to a more common language, this means that no connections will slip by AdGuard’s protection when you turn it on. A real life example: many Safari users used to have problems with unblocked ads on YouTube. This change fixes it.

  • [Added] `$~websocket` modifier support #245
  • [Added] "Brave" browser to the filtered apps list #246
  • [Added] Mozilla Developer Edition to the filtered apps list #241
  • [Fixed] Can't log in to #242
  • [Fixed] AdGuard blocks notifications on Yandex mail in a browser tab #256
  • [Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" does not work in FF #257
  • [Fixed] Some websites open slowly with AdGuard #247
  • [Fixed] Some websites are not accessible with the HTTPS filtering enabled #249


[Added] "Undo/Redo" buttons to the user filter editor #227

Self-explanatory. Working with filter editor has become so much more convenient — trust us, we do it a lot, and we can tell the difference!

[Improved] Filter editor now indicates that the filter contains disabled rules #258

Another quality of life improvement. You won’t now find yourself in situations when something is not working because you’ve disabled a couple of rules, but can’t remember in what filter.

  • [Added] Inform the user about closed connection to a website with EV certificate #228
  • [Fixed] Applied settings are not displayed correctly when the language filters are activated automatically #233
  • [Fixed] No first run wizard when installing on High Sierra #244
  • [Fixed] Title of the window appears on `wizard` style windows on MacOS 10.13 #255


  • [Fixed] "Shadowsocks-R" and AdGuard compatibility problem #240
  • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #262
  • [Fixed] Localization issues #261

It has been a very long time since the last AdGuard for Mac release. We definitely don't want such hiatus to become a routine – expect the next one much sooner.

And in this one we've made some positive changes to the UI and improved the filtering quality by a lot. Read the full changelog below.

Ad blocking

    [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter apps from the WebCatalog app #165

    Previously, AdGuard wasn’t able to filter apps installed with WebCatalog, and they couldn’t even be added to the list of filtered apps manually. This issue gets fixed in this version.

  • [Added] $network basic rules modifier #171
  • [Changed] The ~third-party modifier behavior #177
  • [Fixed] Content filtering exception rules #176
  • [Fixed] Error while parsing a wide filtering rule #175
  • [Fixed] Replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #178
  • [Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #167
  • [Fixed] Content rules are applied even when there is a $document exception #234
  • [Fixed[ The script is being removed/cut if there is an $empty modifier in the rule #209
  • [Fixed] Cosmetic filters are being applied to pages whitelisted by a $document exception #189
  • [Improved] The range of $$ rules has been increased #196
  • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.8 #216
  • [Improved] The trimming limit for request URLs has been increased #214
  • [Improved] The $network modifier has been extended, it can now be an exception as well #190


    [Added] An option to exclude websites with EV certificates from filtering #170

    An option already familiar to Windows users. Some websites feature Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, which require a very strict verification process and offer a stronger guarantee that the website is plausible and trusted. Usually, they are bank websites, payment systems etc., and they normally do not have many ads anyway, if any.

    We have also improved the security aspect of AdGuard by addressing some security-related issues (#186, #194).

  • [Fixed] Wrong cyphers order #224
  • [Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #194
  • [Fixed] AdGuard cannot handle huge chunks properly #218
  • [Fixed] Connection is allowed when DH1024 is in use #186
  • [Fixed] "strict-dynamic" CSP is not handled properly #203
  • [Fixed] AdGuard Crashes when receives new metadata from backend #220
  • [Fixed] There is an empty response from in some cases when HTTPS is used #206
  • [Fixed] Several network errors and compatibility issues


    [Improved] Filter editor has been reworked #56

    Now it has become possible to enter the 'advanced editing mode'. Basically, it means that the User filter turns into a single text area which you can work with as in any text editor: copy/paste several lines at once and apply all changes at once and not line by line. The search tool will help you to find or replace anything you need. All in all, it should be a welcome change for all the aspiring filter developers.

  • [Added] Add "Reset settings..." option #180
  • [Changed] "System Extension Blocked" issue on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) #217
  • [Changed] Filters' names have been adjusted #187
  • [Changed] AdGuard to AdGuard #231
  • [Fixed] Wrong date of establishment in "About AdGuard" section #205
  • [Fixed] Several localization fixes and updates
  • [Fixed] The 'expiring trial' warning translation #169
  • [Fixed] The number of remaining subscription days is not displayed in AdGuard toolbar #191
  • [Fixed] UF is always turned on after restarting the app #237
  • [Fixed] Interface bug with filters list #236
  • [Fixed] Misplaced title in Support window #235


    [Improved] AdGuard can now be launched from an external drive #210

    A niche but useful improvement. In case you prefer to store your data on an external drive and switch between different desktops a lot. No need to update your user filter and other settings separately on every Mac separately anymore, just have AdGuard installed on an external drive.

  • [Changed] The SSL exceptions list has been updated
  • [Fixed] Yandex mail compatibility issue #160

IMPORTANT UPDATE: compatibility with Chrome 59 and newer. The changes are few, but crucial.

[Fixed] certificate is considered invalid by Chrome v59 #183

It may not seem like much, but without this change, Adguard would be partially incompatible with the newest Chrome versions. Needless to say, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers among Mac users, so it is hard to overstate the importance of this fix.

  • [Changed] Bundle ID for Waterfox app #164

A small hotfix containing a couple of changes.

  • [Fixed] Adguard maintains network connections even if the computer is in idle mode #163
  • [Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #173

The Christmas came early this year for Adguard for Mac users - a new version comes out today :) It significantly improves ad blocking, namely introducing Extended CSS support and several new modifiers. Networking and UI have undergone some fixing and tweaking too, so Adguard will become more stable and easy in use.

Ad blocking

  • [Added] Extended CSS support #109, #120
    This is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Notably, this concerns such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

  • [Added] $important modifier #132
    This new addition is an significant one, but mostly relevant for creators of custom filter rules. With it's help you can give certain rules higher priority.

  • [Added] $websocket modifier #131
  • [Changed] Updated default HTTPS exclusions list #124
  • [Fixed] $empty modifier behaviour #108, #143
  • [Fixed] Latin extended symbol in a filter rule interferes with filtering #134
  • [Fixed] $replace rule can't be applied along with the other rules #133


  • [Changed] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing requests #148
  • [Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates are now distrusted #141
  • [Changed] New separate server is used now for filter updates #139
  • [Fixed] $replace rules break content charset #147
  • [Fixed] Adguard compatibility with Opera built-in VPN #123, #130
  • [Fixed] Kernel panic issue #106
  • [Fixed] Adguard blocks the page from loading if /etc/hosts has incorrect records #111
  • [Fixed] Inability to apply inline style #142
  • [Fixed] Excessive CPU load #135
  • [Fixed] Safebrowsing check algorithm #148
  • [Fixed] Unknown pseudo class error #154
  • [Improved] Content injection algorithm #119
  • [Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removal #149


  • [Added] Hotkeys for filters management #9, #128
  • [Changed] CMD+Backspace key combination can now be used to delete filters from the filter list #9
  • [Changed] "Check filter updates" action moved to settings menu #116
  • [Fixed] Incorrect filter is displayed in "Filtering Log" #129
  • [Fixed] $replace rules are displayed correctly in the filtering log #150
  • [Improved] Allowed pasting mulitple rules at once in filter area #126

Hello! Last Adguard for Mac version was released in February, so we felt a bit guilty and decided to release a new one :) There is quite a bit of various fixes and changes here, as you can see in the changelog below, but the most important, or rather the most impactful ones, are those that affect performance - specifically, we mean #88 and #91 (you can find more detailed description for these changes below). Overall, Adguard will become faster now, and thanks to the better performance, Adguard will now consume significantly less battery resourse. But not only that, for example, we drastically improved browsing of some of the most problematic websites when IPv6 is enabled (#93).

Ad blocking

[Improved] Basic filtering rules processing speed was optimized #91

Optimizing basic filtering rules processing is very important since basic rules are the most resourse-consuming among all. This change will result in Adguard working faster and spending less resourses.

  • [Changed] $replace rules now have higher priority than other basic rules #49
  • [Changed] Origin is used as Referer for requests Referer isn't defined for #84
  • [Fixed] Adguard crash because of huge data: URLs #81
  • [Fixed] Adguard does not ignore "base" tag "href " attribute while constructing absolute URL any more #80
  • [Fixed] Websites can't be broken any more because of invalid HTML inside a "noscript" tag #79
  • [Fixed] Error previously occuring when parsing a style tag with embedded svg #76
  • [Fixed] Adguard can now detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #83
  • [Fixed] Wrong HTML content detection #71
  • [Fixed] filtering issue #105
  • [Improved] Increase content filtering rules maximum length limit #101


[Changed] Connections are not kept alive for too long now if 'HTTP keep alive' timeout is specified #88

Previously the 'keep-alive' time for connections was higher, and Adguard consumed more battery resourse than it should. Now, when we lowered the connections 'keep-alive' time, the resourse consumption during the 'idle time' will be significantly lower as well.

  • [Changed] Webdav methods are supported now (specifically REPORT) #85
  • [Changed] Rewritten mechanism of checking the websites availability #93
  • [Fixed] After blocking a POST request, next request is read only when data was read to end #68
  • [Fixed] Adguard prevents UDP traffic on 443 port #90
  • [Fixed] Adguard fails to detect HTML on some websites #100

UI changes

[Added] A notification that is shown if user unchecks the "Filter https protocol" box #65

Languages and Translations

[Added] Finnish language #63

Minor issues

  • [Added] Support for complex language codes #78
  • [Changed] Increase idle connection timeout to 10 minutes #102
  • [Fixed] Problem with Adguard start after motherboard replacement #77
  • [Fixed] Wrong information in Adguard's filtering log #75
  • [Fixed] Added description of the status code in filtered HTTP response #74
  • [Fixed] Spelling issue #73
  • [Fixed] Occasional app crash when user attempts to view Adguard Program Log #66
  • [Fixed] Apps crash #67
  • [Fixed] Adguards code is no more injected into noscript tag #64
  • [Fixed] Major battery resourse consumption on Mac #52

This new version brings a lot of very important changes to Adguard for Mac. Most viable changes are: $replace modifier and security improvements.

UI changes

  • [Added] New localizations: Serbian (Latin), German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Armenian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Hungarian. #50
  • [Added] User warnings in case HTTP proxy mode fails to start. #22
  • [Changed] Assistant requests are now excluded from 'Filtering log'. #4
  • [Changed] Now clicking on Adguard icon in status bar brings opened Adguard windows to front and makes them active. #33
  • [Fixed] Error previously led to inability to change HTTP proxy port with HTTP proxy mode enabled. #42
  • [Fixed] Lack of explanation text in the 'Enter email address' text field. #44

Ad blocking

  • [Added] $genericblock rule modifier. #16
  • [Added] $generichide rule modifier. #15
  • [Added] $replace modifier for basic rules #38
  • [Changed] Now $popup rules modifier is also applied to server redirect responses. #49
  • [Changed] Now status 500 is always returned for blocked requests. #35
  • [Changed] User filter is now loaded last, after all other filters are loaded. #41
  • [Fixed] Error in css-inject rules. #7
  • [Fixed] Error in finding the elements path on a page for HTML filtering rules. #17
  • [Fixed] Error in HTML filtering rules – previously empty elements were never removed. #29
  • [Fixed] Improved processing of rules with $popup modifier. #25
  • [Fixed] Modifiers for the whitelist rules now work while filtering content. #57
  • [Fixed] Now $elemhide rule modifier is applied only to HTML pages. #14
  • [Fixed] Problem with basic rules being treated as rules with $popup modifier. #34
  • [Fixed] Template modifier * in rules now takes into account line break symbols. #40
  • [Fixed] Third-party requests filtering error. #6


  • [Changed] Adguard automatically stops filtering of the websites with client certificate authorization. #2
  • [Changed] Browser cache is now suppressed for a short period of time after filtering startup. #53
  • [Changed] For all modern browsers SHA1 certificates were deprecated. #46
  • [Changed] Port Adguard accepts connections on. #5
  • [Changed] Updated default list of SSL exceptions. #3
  • [Fixed] Problem when Adguard caused browser to freeze. #37

Browsing Security

  • [Changed] A method of domain check with Browsing Security module. Requests privacy was improved. #8

Compatibility issues

  • [Improved] Compatibility with sites that use the Content-Security-Policy mechanism. #58
  • [Fixed] Blocking of Google Chrome Rapportive extension for Gmail. #30
  • [Fixed] Problem when Adguard extension for Google Chrome couldn't see triggered $genericblock rules. Integration mode works correctly now. #39
  • [Fixed] Safari inability to connect to some websites with IPv6 network configuration. #10
  • Added function to send a report in case of an unexpected Adguard shutdown.
  • Added tutorial screen at Adguard first launch.
  • Added OCSP Stapling support.
  • Added localizations: Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Korean.
  • Changed SSL connections encrypting mode to a more modern one.
  • Improved root certificate and private key generation for SSL connections.
  • Fixed Logjam vulnerability (now Adguard doesn't filter connections with weak keys).
  • Improved mechanism of SSL connections processing.
  • Significantly extended list of browsers filtered by default.
  • Now, in case of its absence, Adguard automatically suggests to install root certificate into Firefox to filter HTTPS-websites.
  • Improved way of root certificate installation into Mozilla-based browsers.
  • Improved security of installing Adguard Assistant to web pages.
  • Improved Adguard API extensions security.
  • Confined access to userscripts API functions.
  • Reworked installation process, now Adguard will work correctly after restoring Mac from Time Machine.
  • Improved filtering rules correctness verification.
  • Now Adguard system components are stored in the folder shared for all users.
  • Now upon switching Mac to sleep mode, Adguard closes current network connections.
  • Fixed situation when Adguard won't respond to users actions while watching a video on YouTube.
  • Fixed error previously led to Adguard crash while surfing a website with incorrect HTML.
  • Fixed an error previously led to rules with specific symbols being excluded from filtering process.
  • Fixed an error previously led to shutdown when exiting Adguard.
  • Added TLSv1.2 support.
  • Added certificate verification in HTTPS connections.
  • Added Ukrainian localization.
  • Chromium added to default application filtering list.
  • Now automatic check for updates is enabled by default.
  • Improved speed optimization.
  • Removed splashscreen upon starting Adguard.
  • Fixed Adguard's work with several users on the same computer.
  • Fixed errors leading to incorrect filtering.
  • Fixed the error when Adguard operated incorrectly upon exiting sleep mode.
  • Improved security upon filtering encrypted traffic.
  • Fixed FREAK vulnerability.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Improved program stability on old versions of OS X.
  • Fixed several errors that could previously lead to app crash.

World’s first standalone ad blocker for Mac OS X. New Adguard has all the features to ensure more efficient and comfortable use of the Internet:

  • Ad filtering in any browser. Our ad blocker is the first to solve the problem of removing notorious video ads in Safari that other adblock solutions fail to block.
  • Built-in Browsing security module provides protection from malicious and suspicious websites.
  • Privacy protection function is responsible for the safety of personal data.

Other advantages

  • Filtering Log demonstrates all the processes occurring in the program.
  • Adguard Assistant is an extension that allows you to manage the program directly from the browser.

Technical information

Adguard is supported in all versions of OS X from 10.7 and later.

Stahování AdGuardu začalo. Kliknutím na tlačítko označené šipkou spusťte instalaci. Děkujeme, že jste si zvolili AdGuard! Vyberte „Otevřít“ a klikněte na tlačítko „OK“, poté počkejte, než se soubor stáhne. V otevřeném okně přetáhněte ikonu AdGuardu do složky „Aplikace“. Děkujeme, že jste si zvolili AdGuard! Vyberte „Otevřít“ a klikněte na tlačítko „OK“, poté počkejte, než se soubor stáhne. V otevřeném okně klikněte na tlačítko „Instalovat“. Děkujeme, že jste si zvolili AdGuard!