Black Friday'21: The Biggest Sale of the Year

In November, when days are short and the weather is cold, it might be hard to sustain a good mood. We're here to cheer you up a bit with Black Friday Sale! Hopefully, you'll have many bright spots in this gloomy season, our offer humbly included.

This year you can save big on both AdGuard ad blocker and AdGuard VPN. So, if you've kept an eye on any of these products, here's your chance to buy them at the most advantageous prices!

50% off AdGuard ad blocker

Get any license key at half price:


Already have one? Upgrade it to cover more devices or renew it (the new period is automatically added to the current subscription period). To do so, proceed to this page and enter your key. Or just click Renew next to the desired license in your AdGuard account.

60% off AdGuard VPN

Get the Yearly subscription and surf the web freely and anonymously:


We've prepared a special offer for those users who already have an AdGuard VPN subscription. Check your inbox for an email from us!

Black Friday sale will last a week – don't miss the chance to benefit from the biggest sale of the year.

The offer is valid until December 1 inclusive.

Lena Ter-Mikaelyan på Promo
24. november 2021
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