Just in case, go to iOS Settings AppSafariGeneralContent Blockers and check that all six AdGuard content blockers are switched on (this is important because they are intertwined and need each other to work properly).
Open AdGuardSettingsSafari protection. The toggle should be on (it shows on the main screen as well).
Go to AdGuard's main screen and tap (Update Filters) in the right upper corner. Check if your problem is solved. If not, proceed to the next step.
Check which filters are enabled, if any: SettingsSafari protectionFilters. Our recommended list that should cover most of ads is as follows:
AdGuard Base filter
AdGuard Mobile filter
AdGuard Tracking Protection filter
AdGuard language-specific filter (for languages of websites that you view in the web)
If you don't want to see cookies, third-party widgets, "Like" buttons and such, enable these too:
AdGuard Annoyances filter
AdGuard Social Media filter
If it doesn't help, please let us know: SettingsSupportReport incorrect blocking.
If you want to block ads on YouTube, check this section.

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AdGuard-download er startet Klik på den af pilen angivet knap for at starte installationen. Vælg "Åbn" og klik på "OK". Afvent at filen downloades. I det åbnede vindue, træk AdGuard-ikonet til "Apps"-mappen. Tak fordi du valgte AdGuard! Vælg "Åbn" og klik på "OK". Afvent at filen downloades. I det åbnede vindue, klik på "Installér". Tak fordi du valgte AdGuard! Installér også AdGuard til mobilenheder