AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is an alternative solution for ad blocking, privacy protection, and parental control. Easy to set up and free to use, it provides a necessary minimum of best protection against online ads, trackers, and phishing, no matter what platform and device you use.
What is AdGuard DNS?
AdGuard DNS is a free Domain Name System resolution system. You can use it for ad blocking purposes instead of your current DNS provider.
How does AdGuard DNS work?
When you use AdGuard DNS, every time a website sends an ad request, our server sends back a null response. AdGuard has a database of domain names that serve for ad purposes, and this database is regularly updated.
What can AdGuard DNS do except for blocking ads?
We offer two different modes. ’Default’ mode includes blocking ads, various trackers and malware phishing websites. ’Family protection’ does the same, but also blocks websites with adult content and enforces ’safe search’ in your browser.
What is DNSCrypt?
Instead of a regular client-server interaction protocol, AdGuard DNS allows you to use a specific encrypted protocol — DNSCrypt. Thanks to it, all DNS requests are being encrypted, which protects you from possible request interception and subsequent eavesdropping and/or alteration. You can find a separate configuration manual for each platform here.
Why is AdGuard DNS free? What’s the catch?
We will use AdGuard DNS functionality as a part of other AdGuard software, which will be distributed on a pay-to-use basis. We might also develop a paid version of AdGuard DNS based on the current one, more advanced and with more features.
What devices can I use AdGuard DNS with?
There are no restrictions for which devices you can use it with. You can find a separate configuration manual for each platform here.
What ports does AdGuard DNS use?
Don't bother too much if you don't understand the question. It is a technical one, and doesn't concern 99% of users. AdGuard DNS uses default port 53, and an alternative port 5353. In case port 53 is blocked or unavailable, use port 5353 instead.
I have some troubles or questions that are not covered by this FAQ. What do I do?
Just let us know by contacting our support:, and we will answer you as soon as possible.
AdGuard DNS is a fast and easy way to block ads on any device and protect kids online!
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