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AdGuard Pro has much to offer on top of the excellent iOS ad blocking in Safari already known to the users of the regular version. By providing access to custom DNS settings, the app allows you to block ads, protect your kids from adult content online, and safeguard your personal data from theft.
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Recent versions

We really dislike releasing new versions that only contain bugfixes, but sometimes it is necessary. One of the bugs required our immediate attention, and we couldn’t wait for more features to come to release the new version.

[Fixed] Full tunnel mode misbehaviour #772

This is the main villain of the release. In full tunnel mode, some users experienced network failure after their device switched from WiFi to Mobile data. Only Flight mode on/off toggle or restarting the device helped bring the connection back to life. The bug proved to be trickier than we expected, so we added a new advanced setting to enable automatic tunnel restart after network switch.

NOTE: this setting is disabled by default. If you are one of the unlucky users, try enabling it.


  • [Changed] Margin size on Quick tour screen has been reduced #793
  • [Fixed] DNS settings description doesn't change when switching phone language #794


  • [Fixed] Manually adding/removing URLs to blacklist disables filtering #776


  • [Added] A help video for the Privacy module #681
  • [Improved] Several localization fixes and updates #760, #765, #770

It is not uncommon when a big update is followed soon-ish with a minor one. This is exactly it: a minor update to tidy up bugs and inconsistencies that slipped past our attention during the v2.0 release. Nothing huge, just bugfixes and quality of life improvements.


  • [Added] "CANCEL" button to the Filtering log clearing dialog #652
  • [Added] Indicator for what exact blocking list has blocked a request #584
  • [Added] "Rate me" dialog #751
  • [Changed] The number of items in the DNS requests log has been limited #713
  • [Improved] The whole ‘Share' field is clickable now #708
  • [Improved] Dark keyboard to match the color scheme of the app #705

Ad blocking

  • [Improved] Handling of T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom cases #688


  • [Fixed] DNS response caching #702
  • [Fixed] Errors when tunnel starts with encrypted DNS #744
  • [Fixed] IPv4 interface is added in IPv6-only networks #714
  • [Fixed] VPN is busy when enabling AdGuard protection #657
  • [Fixed] Unable to establish VPN connection after first clicking "check for updates" for subscriptions #752


  • [Added] Help video for the privacy module #681
  • [Fixed] Crashes #715
  • [Fixed] French translation bug #722
  • [Fixed] Warning message persists #676
  • [Improved] German translation #695
  • [Improved] Changed the way AG interacs with translation platform #666

Turned out, we overlooked a couple of minor bugs and inconsistencies in the v2.0 update. Here's a quick fix to set things right.

  • [Fixed] Warning "Safari content blocker is disabled" sometimes disappears #691
  • [Fixed] Blocking List Subscription disappears #575
  • [Improved] Update the Safari filters' translations in Traditional Chinese language file #686
  • [Improved] AdGuard filter descriptions not translated to German #683
  • [Improved] Enable autoupdate over Wi-Fi only by default #682
  • [Improved] Show "hide" button after watching video #680
  • [Improved] Translations has been updated #679

In this version, we introduce a wide range of novelties, from app redesign (dark theme looks slick!) to new features like Blocking Lists to block ads devise-wise, new Privacy module (and specifically DNSCrypt support) to boost your online privacy, integration with web reporting tool and much more.

[Changed] App redesign #455

This is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice when you run the app after the update. Light theme has been discontinued in favor of a dark one, and the overall style of the menu has changed.

[Added] DNSCrypt support #465

AdGuard now supports DNSCrypt servers. You can read why DNSCrypt is so important in our Knowledge base article. Long story short: it greatly enhances your online protection. Loads of DNSCrypt servers to choose from are available by default on the “DNS settings screen”, along with option to add a custom server.

[Added] Privacy settings #545

There is a new “Privacy settings” tab in the main menu. Inside you will find familiar Whitelist and Blacklist, but also new “Blocking lists” section. Blocking lists, sometimes also referred to as “subscriptions”, are lists of rules (similar to Safari content blocking rules) that are used to operate the filtering process. There is a link inside to add some of the popular subscriptions as well as a possibility to add any custom ones by URL. Subscriptions are either hosts-file or adblock-file based, the diffirences between them are described further down the release notes.

NOTE: Important to notice that too many subscriptions can lead to tunnel crash, i.e. the app will stop responding and the filtering will cease.

[Changed] Blacklist now supports both "adblock" and "hosts files" syntax #546

Hosts files are basically lists of matches between domain names and ip-addresses that the system should use to navigate to these domains. Unlike hosts files, adblock-based subscriptions are regular filters that support basic syntax. Both types of files can be added to AdGuard to block DNS requests.

[Added] Detect if Content Blocker is not enabled in Safari settings #437

Enabling AdGuard Content blocker in Safari settings is required to have filtering going on in Safari. If AdGuard is disabled, the red warning will appear at the top of the main screen to remind you to enable the Content blocker. The video right below it shows how to do so.

[Added] AdGuard DNS (default, family) has been added to the list of known DNS providers #582

Not much to add here. Both AdGuard Default and AdGuard Family protection are now available from the get go, without having to enter their addresses manually (by the way, AdGuard provides DNSCrypt servers too, and they are in the list).

[Added] Integration with the web reporting tool #533

You may have heard about the online reporting tool before, especially if you are an AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard extension user. Basically, it is a web form to report missed ads, false positives or any other issues caused by AdGuard filters. Now it is integrated with AdGuard for iOS, so whenever you report a problem, the app will automatically prefill all the required fields about its settings.

[Improved] Mobile Assistant version has been updated #581

The “Preview” button disappeared from the “Block element on this page” tool in the last update due to technical difficulties, which caused a righteous uproar from many users. Luckily, we were able to resolve these problems by now and the preview button is back where it belongs.


  • [Added] "Learn about other AdGuard products" item to the "RATE AND SHARE" block #641
  • [Changed] Color in DNS requests log #620
  • [Changed] `Adguard` to `AdGuard` in the list of DNS #618
  • [Improved] First run screen has been redesigned #613
  • [Improved] Tutorial videos have been updated #539
  • [Improved] AdGuard now uses default iOS Sharing functionality #590


  • [Added] Quad9 to the list of known DNS Servers #529
  • [Changed] Mobile ads filter turned on by default #624
  • [Changed] “Report an issue” menu item has been reworked #649
  • [Fixed] Error while loading filters into Safari #550


  • [Improved] Translations has been updated #667, #669
The new version makes a strong emphasis on improving the Content blocker part of AdGuard Pro. Renovated Assistant and the new “Invert whitelist” option are the headliners of this update. Few pesky bugs have been eliminated too.

[Changed] Assistant in the Safari extension #469

We have unified the Assistant code, so that it’s the same across the board now: AdGuard for Windows, Mac and iOS, browser extensions, you name it. While at it, we have changed the exterior a bit (hopefully, for the better). As a side effect, there’s temporarily no ‘Preview’ option, but it will be added in the next version.

[Added] Inverted whitelist #431

This is a quite narrow option, but some users will definitely find it useful. By inverting the whitelist (which you can do in the Advanced settings, by the way) you will switch AdGuard into a special mode that doesn’t block ads anywhere by default, but filters all websites that you add to this list. The inverted whitelist is independent from the regular whitelist, so you can have them both configured as you find appropriate and switch between the modes depending on your current goals.

[Improved] Added scaling support for iPhone X (18:9) #513

Upon the release of iPhone X some of AdGuard interface panels looked pretty ugly. We had to do some work to make it look smooth and natural for all those lucky owners of the newest Apple flagship device :)


  • [Fixed] UI glitch #517
  • [Fixed] Keyboard covers up text field in custom filters #505
  • [Changed] 'Enable DNS Request log' toggle should be greyed out when Pro-status is off #521
  • [Changed] Incorrect entry in black- and whitelist (DNS settings) should be highlighted in red #510


  • [Fixed] `NEVirtualInterface` Failure in `NEVirtualInterfaceWriteMultipleIPPackets` #504
  • [Fixed] AdGuard Pro DNS blocks calls on FaceTime #501
  • [Fixed] Exception list should have higher priority #520
  • [Fixed] Checkmark disappears when you select a DNS server #460
  • [Fixed] VPN configuration error #519 #519

This is a small update which has fixed minor issues slipped through unnoticed. Hint how to add DNS server manually were clarified and widget is now greydout when PRO status turned off.

  • [Improved] Incorrect description for custom dns #484
  • [Improved] Improve widget's appearance #483
  • [Improved] Change keyboard type in blacklist domain input field #482
  • [Fixed] Blacklist changes applies only after DNS reconnection #485

[Fixed] Sometimes tunnel does not restart correctly when the network changes #470

An important issue was found in the previous version. If network type was changed, it requires the tunnel mode to be restarted. Sometimes it didn't happen. We have completely reworked the tunnel's “behavior” when changing the connection - now, if a connection type is changed, the tunnel does not restart, and the connection to the network is not lost.

[Added] Adguard for iOS (Pro) widget #312

Now it is possible to quickly enable or disable DNS filtering directly from the Today view screen.

[Added] Support custom ports in the custom DNS settings #412

And the last important change - it is possible to manually add ports in the DNS settings. This can be useful in cases where an ISP intercepts DNS traffic and redirects it to its servers. It turns out that technically AdGuard works, but there is no filtering. In this case, one should specify the address in the DNS settings, for example - or [ff:fa::1]:5353.


  • [Fixed] Adguard is not working with System default DNS server in Tunnel mode #457
  • [Fixed] Unable to check "System Default" in the app #461
  • [Added] Need to show the disabled dns status on the main settings screen #452
  • [Added] Automatically enable PRO mode when user selects any custom DNS server #464
  • [Improved] DNS Naming Bug — Adguard Pro 1.3.0 (100) #453
  • [Other] iOS Assistant is incorrectlty placed on the site #463
  • [Other] - Adguard toolbar is missing #416

Recently, Apple has announced that according to their policy, they "have never allowed apps on the App Store that are designed to interfere with the performance or capabilities of other apps". This means that the only ad blocking solution permitted in iOS are content blocking extensions for Safari browser, and Adguard Pro has to rethink its features. Sadly, the system-wide ad blocking has to go, but we keep the custom DNS functionality and look forward to developing it even more in the future.

We have also removed 'Adguard DNS' and 'Adguard Family protection' from the default DNS setups, you will need to manually add our DNS addresses to use them (although, if you have already had one of these modes selected, it will remain). Another option to keep the filtering in apps is to add our Simplified domain names filter to the blacklist as a whole.

But, aside from this sad news, we have something to tell about the new version. It features a new setting that lets you choose between the more stable work and compatibility with other VPN apps. Plus, as usual, more fixes, UI changes and what not.

[Added] New 'Tunnel mode' setting #404

We decided to introduce this setting as a response to some cases of iOS bypassing the Adguard (due to bad connectivity). What does this mean in practice? The new setting lets you choose between two modes: split-tunnel and full-tunnel. While in split-tunnel mode (the default one), Adguard will be compatible with some other VPN apps (full list here) but can be bypassed by the system. On the contrary, in full-tunnel mode, you can't run other VPN apps alongside Adguard, but iOS won't be able to bypass it, regardless of the connection quality.


  • [Added] Build number on the "About" screen #406
  • [Added] "Filter rules syntax" link to the User filter #375
  • [Changed] Gray out "DNS settings" when PRO status is disabled #374
  • [Fixed] Typos #408
  • [Fixed] Filter search doesn't work #388
  • [Fixed] When app is started, "Pro" button state is "disabled" for a second #371
  • [Fixed] Incorrect warning message on the main screen about the filters conversion error #414
  • [Improved] New Persian localization, other localizations have been updated #427


  • [Fixed] Adguard pro crashes #429
  • [Fixed] Compatibility with iOS9 #384
  • [Fixed] Can't connect to iTunes when VPN is active #385
  • [Fixed] Sometimes Adguard сrashes when you open advanced settings #451
  • [Improved] Logging process has been improved #430
  • , #373
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