Adguard Ad Blocker
Ad Blocker is one of the main modules of the Adguard program against ads. This module blocks and removes all kinds of internet advertising.
Download Adguard Version 6.1 for Windows, Free 14-days
Blocking of all kinds of ads
Whichever browser of choice you may use – be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other – Adguard effectively blocks ads across all browsers.
  • Blocking of all kinds of ads
    Ad Blocker removes any kind of ads from the webpages, including: pop-ups, video ad on Youtube and other websites, and also banners of all types (static images, animated advertisement, simple ad units with text or text and images, interactive with Flash or JavaScript animation).
  • How to remove ads in browser?

    To block all ads simply install Adguard and run it. That’s it – the protection against advertising is enabled and works!

    If ads however appeared on a web page – just let us know via the main window of the program and we will check this website.
  • Assistant

    Adguard Assistant allows you to manage the work of Adguard right from your browser. For example, you can add a particular site to exceptions, and Adguard will not filter its content. In addition, you can submit a complaint to suspicious website or suspend Adguard’s work for 30 seconds by clicking the "Do not block for 30 seconds".
  • Always vigilant in preventing activity tracking
    Adguard protects you from the constant tracking employed by advertising networks and online analytics nodes.
  • Six language-specific filters
    Adguard works equally well regardless of the language of the websites you visit.
  • Social network widget filter
    Tired of all the «Like» buttons and similar widgets infesting all of your frequented web pages? Simply disable them.
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Adguard Advantages
We care about our users and regularly work to improve our product.
  • Internet acceleration

    Most sites contain banners, pop-ups and other "ballast", which you can safely get rid of without loss of the content, saving from 10 to 40% of the traffic. If you are using Adguard, advertising is removed before loading to your computer, which means that pages load faster!
  • Filters
    Adguard includes eleven different filters, adapted to different tasks. Among them, there are the regional filters (Russian, English, German, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish-Portuguese) that work on sites in corresponding languages, and several special filters.
  • Monitoring and statistics
    You'll always know how much traffic is consumed when using Internet browsers. Moreover, the Adguard statistics will indicate how much advertising the program blocked and how many times you were protected from phishing and malware sites.
Download Adguard Version 6.1 for Windows, Free 14-days