Adguard Ahtiphishing
Antiphishing is a module of Adguard – program against ads,
responsible for protection of your computer from viruses and other online threats.
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Effective protection against cyber criminals
Whatever you do online, Adguard will provide you with the security you need.
  • Malicious ad blocking
    Cyber criminals often use advertising networks to attract users to phishing sites.
  • Instantaneous reliability identification
    Adguard immediately and without delay verifies a website’s reliability index just as you browse to a new site.
  • See who can be trusted
    Adguard accumulates website reputation data from a variety of authoritative sources, including Web of Trust.

Why do you need Antiphishing?

Phishing is activity aimed at gaining access to your confidential data for the purpose of theft or unauthorized actions. Today, the necessity of such module is obvious - Internet commerce is growing rapidly, and a lot of shopping is done online. This means that problem of phishing really exists and becomes more and more common.

In addition to phishing, there are many other threats in the internet. For example, sites containing malware. Surely it happened to you: after downloading programs from the Internet, your computer was immediately infected with viruses. In addition to viruses there is a possibility of installing of spyware and other unwanted programs without you knowing. Moreover, sometimes such programs are just downloaded to your computer when you go to a specific page. But don’t worry, Adguard will protect you from phishing attacks and most dangerous sites on the internet.

How does Antiphishing work?

Operation of this module is based on the work of two basic filters – of phishing and malicious sites. These are own filters of Adguard, which protect you from the most of dangerous Internet pages. They are constantly updated, and thus the lists with dangerous sites are constantly renewed. At the same time, in order to provide maximum protection, Adguard uses Google Safe Browsing – service, which provides lists of suspicious sites for checking them with URL.

We also collect additional information, in particular on the websites reputation, trust to them and their safety for children using a Web of Trust - a browser add-on that warns users of possible threats on a particular page.

We’ve got 1,769,700 harmful web sites on record
But our users need not worry about any of them. Adguard automatically filters all malicious sites.
Meanwhile, feel free to manually check out any site that comes to mind.
Safe and secure at work
Prevent cyber criminals from acquiring information vital to you and your company.
  • Activity tracking prevention
    Adguard protects you from constant activity tracking, a tactic often employed by advertising networks and online analytics nodes.
  • Protection against phishing sites and other harmful websites
    Adguard lowers risk of virus infections and prohibits access to harmful websites to prevent potential attacks.
  • Adguard is simple and easy-to-use
    Adguard starts working immediately upon installation, doesn’t require any configuration, and automatically updates on a regular basis.

Adguard Antiphishing ensures:

Protection from phishing sites. This also includes blocking of fraudulent advertising that entices users to such pages. Scammers will not gain access to your personal data or secret information of the company (if you are using Adguard at work).

Protection from malicious websites. Adguard blocks access to websites that contain viruses and programs that can harm your computer.

Altogether, module enhances computer security and reduces the risk of viruses. Among the benefits of the program, we should mention the quick work - Adguard instantly checks the site, which you are going to visit and assess its reliability. We would also like to note the fact that our ad blocker is really easy-to-use. Antiphishing module does not require any complicated settings, filters are self-updated – you do not need to do anything.

Download Adguard Version 6.1 for Windows, Free 14-days