Adguard for Android update: version 2.1.240

New update, dear friends!
Just recently we have released version 2.1. But we have already gathered a list of what is needed to be fixed. That is why today we introduce this update. So what’s changed?

Multiple TCP stack improvements

Problems with large files download (#92, #98)
Previously there were problems with downloading large files, especially from Google Play. It is not the case anymore, you don’t have to disable Adguard just to update your favorite app or download a new game.

Overall performance improvement

With recent changes Adguard has become faster, more stable and less resourse consuming. It was possible due to optimization of several ‘bottleneck’ situations.

Other changes:

  • Moved firewall icons-cache to Cache folder to be able to clear it from app settings
  • Fixed unnecessary restart of protection in Proxy mode #90
  • Proxy mode: DNS cache is now flushed on network reconnect #91
  • Multiple GUI improvement in Low-Level Settings #94, #96, #97, #103
  • A new preference “pref.vpn.capture” added (#97) to low-level settings. If this setting is enabled, Adguard will create the special file named «tun.pcap». It contains all network packets transferred through the VPN. This file is located in the app cache directory, and can be analyzed with the Wireshark program.
  • Optimized Pcap functionality in Low-Level Settings #97, #105
  • Update channel options are hidden for Amazon builds #102
  • Fixed handling of HTTP CONNECT requests without Host header #113
  • Small UI fix on Send Feedback screen #118
  • Added new localizations: Czech, French, Turkish, Serbian, Spanish #125

Adguard team

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Mr. Adguard

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