Adguard is the winner of Webit Festival Europe

Hey guys!

Today we’ve got some huge news for you. We were announced the best startup and won €200 000 at Webit Festival.

Adguard is the winner of Webit Festival

Yeah, we are quite shocked too. Let us tell you how it happened.

On April 19-20 we participated in Webit conference, where we had a chance to tell the world about our Adguard. There were more than 60 other projects and we all got the chance to pitch at the Festival.

On the second day of Webit we had a presentation which resulted in us being announced among top 5 startups! The 5 finalists competed for the prize of €200 000 and, well, you already know who won :)

Adguard at Webit

You know what’s funny? The Festival started with Benjamin Faes (Google) speech, who was talking about the effects of ad blocking. And here we are! Adguard, the winner of Webit Festival. Guess this means that everyone understand the importance and thus popularity behind web filters.

So this a story of our ‘sudden success’. It was the first time ever we’ve been presented on a festival and we started quite well :)

Thanks Webit for this experience. We are very excited about this! And it was nice to meet other startups and hear their great ideas.


Adguard team

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Daria Magdik

Wonder Woman of AdGuard family. Daria has impressive multitasking skills, knows secrets of a perfect pitch at international festivals and is always happy to remind you why exactly AdGuard is the best!

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