Important update: Adguard for Windows 5.10.2025

We’ve just prepared an update of Adguard for Windows. Version 5.10.2025.

It is highly recommended to update your Adguard as soon as possible as this version contains some important security fixes. As you may have heard, SSL vulnerabilities are discovered literally every month. POODLE attack, FREAK attack, and most recent – Logjam. Until now our reaction was not enough prompt. It’s time to change that.

Two days ago we’ve got a message from well-known security researcher Hanno Böck ( He has pointed out some problems with how we handle SSL interceptions. We are proud to say that all these vulnerabilities were fixed by us in two days.

Changelog for version 5.10.2024:
  • SSL private key is no more pinned to your computer hardware. Every clean installation you get fresh private key
  • We now better handle TLS 1.2 connections
  • All certs and private keys are now encrypted and stored in a single file

What is coming soon:

  • Fully disable SSL interception for the websites using “Extended Validation” certificates. This type of certificates is mostly used by financial companies, banks, etc.
  • Fix Logjam vulnerability as soon as possible (right after it is fixed in popular browsers).

Adguard Team

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