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Just recently, we announced the release of Adguard for Mac public beta. Just a month (well, maybe a little bit more :)) and we will be ready to release the official final version. In the meantime, we would like to recall the important updates of other Adguard products that came out this month.

Adguard for Windows

Let’s start with the new Adguard for Windows 5.10.2010. The main “innovation” of this release is the addition of Parental control in all types of licenses by default. Users with Standard license, simply upgrade to this version to install protection against obscene materials and adult sites for your little Internet users. Learn more about Windows version update.

Adguard for Android

Before introducing Adguard 1.2 to you we decided to compile all bugs and dedicate this release (version 1.1.835) to their fixes. We believe that it’s the right thing to do – to fix all technical issues before adding new features. Learn more about Android version update.

Adguard extension

News which will be interesting first of all for beta testers: we released beta version of the new Adguard extension. Version 2.0 is enriched with new features and became more lightweight – memory consumption is significantly decreased. What exactly has changed? Learn more about Android extension update.

We always continue to advance our products to make your web surfing experience the best possible.

Adguard team

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