Mexico won't have internet censorship


At first Mexican government wanted to adopt new laws what allowed politicians to block Internet and other telecommunication channels when it was appropriate. But it seems that recently the government backed on this issue. The public was strongly against new laws.

Senator Emilio Gamboa said that they will exclude from the document all the mentions of possible Internet blocking. Gamboa is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. This organization controls the Mexican Senate right now. People, who were rooting against this program, said that Mexican government could abuse its powers. The government said that the block would be initiated only to stop unlawful Internet activities (for example pornography).

Privacy activists say that the new law would give the government the possibility to censor the Internet in Mexico. Politics could block any content they want at will.This could become a problem for people in Mexico.

Gamboa says that now government doesn’t want to stop ISP and force them to give information to authorities.


Mr. Adguard
May 12, 2014
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