Microsoft is going to block adware on smartphones


The biggest software company in the world – Microsoft – is going to fight with annoying ads and programs that rely on ads as their main source of income. Company reviewed its criteria for accepting new programs. They have new ways of classifying apps as adware. Now developers have 3 month to make their products fit into new categories. If they fail to follow the new requirements of Microsoft, they will be blocked by the company’s security programs.

Microsoft now says that adware programs are going to be blocked by its filters beginning from July. Before that these programs were allowed to run on the system, before the users decided what to do with them. It should be said that Microsoft recently introduced a new tools that will allow developers to easily integrate its advertising in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone OS.

Microsoft wants users to be able to choose and control what happens on their systems. Advertising is something that users usually cannot control, but company wants its users at least feel a little safer with adware. Soon we will have no annoying ads showing on the screen of your mobile phone. And this is a good thing after all. The less ads – the better. What do you think about it?

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Mr. Adguard

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