New Adguard version 5.10.1186

Today we would like to introduce the new update of Adguard 5.10.

Adguard 5.10.1186

Full list of changes

Added in version 5.10.1186:
  • New version of Adguard network drivers
  • Added Maxthon Nitro support
  • Added support for Regexp-rules
  • Added new API GreaseMonkey functions for better userscripts support
  • Fixed an issue with a long delay when adding rules via Assistant
  • Now, even when the Parental Control sensitivity level is disabled, black and white lists continue to work
  • Fixed program crashes when working with tray
  • When using TDI driver Teredo is no longer disabled
  • Fixed bug reports in IE8
  • Fixed several localization bugs
  • Parental control now blocks access to unsafe sites even when the sensitivity level is disabled

How is Adguard 6.0 doing?

The whole Adguard team works like a beaver to release the version you are waiting for. Unfortunately, the release is postponed to March 2015. The reason is simple, we have misestimated the amount of work that is waiting for us:

Nevertheless, 6.0 version is coming, and we will try hard to not disappoint you.

Adguard Team.

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Mr. Adguard

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