New Year with Adguard: giveaway winners

First of all, thank you everyone for participation in our New Year promotion!
We hope you have managed to purchase Adguard at a nice discount :)
Sale is over, but we still have a giveaway for you!

All Adguard users with purchased active license keys can take part in the giveaway of 3 Asus Zenpad tablets. It's our present for our supportive Adguard users, thanks for staying with us.

To participate fill in all the forms correctly right here.
Please be careful when filling the field with Adguard key (the winner will be selected by the key, this information will be verified).


We will announce happy owners of the new tablets on January 12 in this very post. Good luck!

UPD: Finally we can announce the winners chosen by And they are

  • Kim Evgenii
  • Eric Gwilt
  • Hendrik de Jonge

    Congratulations guys! We are happy for you and will soon contact you to find out where shall we send your present :)

    Thank you all for your participation! Don't be upset, this is not our last giveaway. Luck will favor you next time :)

    Here is how the winners were randomly picked:

    PS: Expired keys, keys for other programs and a random combination of letters and numbers were not allowed to participate. If you can not find yourself in the list, your application didn't compile with the rules of the giveaway. Contact support if you believe there is a mistake. Once again, only users with purchased active Adguard keys could participate in the giveaway.

    Thank you again!

    Adguard team

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