Parental control arrives on Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo published a new update for Nintendo 3DS handheld console. It provides parents with a number of features they can use to control the way their children use the device.

Update 7.2.0 – 17U allows parents to set the restrictions by login in from their personal e-mail. If parents forget their code, it will be reminded to them via e-mail. The console now supports Nintendo Network IDs. All users have to do is to link their accounts in the System Settings of Nintendo 3DS. This is required to use some network services.

Nintendo Network IDs are now supported in Nintendo eShop. Users can find more information about this system on Nintendo Network ID introduction page. Portable platform has also become linked with Miiverse which allows to view and post from Nintendo 3DS. From now on users will get notifications about system updates, when software is started and when future updates release.

Nintendo also improved system stability and usability. They were implemented to benefit user experience. Developers added a new way to start the console. Simply push L and R buttons simultaneously.


Mr. Adguard
May 18, 2014
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