Sale on Premium licenses until March 30

Well, we think that we need to celebrate our new License system somehow. “Premium”, for example, includes 2 devices now (did you know?). So why don’t we make the offer even more hot by giving you a discount.

Offer: Adguard “Premium” license

Terms: Nice 30% discount, available until 30 March.

Where to:Official Adguard website, “Purchase” section.

We hope that you will take the chance to purchase the Premium license for your computer and mobile device protection at the price of Standard. Good luck!

Yours faithfully,
Adguard team

*Note: One “Premium” license (1+1) contains 1 license for Windows or [Mac]( and 1 license for Android. Respectively the “2+2″ scheme implies 2 licenses for Windows or Mac and 2 for Android. And so on.*
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Mr. Adguard

Wow... you got us! We really can't remember who wrote this article... So, here I am - Mr. Adguard tidying up after someone else.

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