Some mobile phones transmit text messages to third parties, says Kryptowire

Be warned, fellows.

Recently Kryptowire (company that provides mobile application security analysis tools) has found out that there are several models of Android mobile devices that contain firmware, which collected personal data of users and transmitted this sensitive info to third-party servers. Surely, without users' consent.

As stated on Kryptowire website, "These devices actively transmitted user and device information including the full-body of text messages, contact lists, call history with full telephone numbers, unique device identifiers [...]. The firmware could target specific users and text messages matching remotely defined keywords. The firmware also collected and transmitted information about the use of applications installed on the monitored device [...] and was able to remotely reprogram the devices."

Sounds very alarming. All your data on the phone, even the text messages(!) were collected automatically! Even worse, all information was transmitted periodically over secure web protocols to a server located in Shanghai.

We feel bad for those affected. This is outrageous, and a total breach of privacy. And again it's a good illustration of why you need to think about your security, always.

We can cheer up users of Adguard for Android, though. Our app blocks such request to third party servers, so that none of your personal data was transmitted. For all others - Adguard app is designed not just to block ads, but to also protect your device from such privacy breaches.

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