Stealth Mode to improve new Yandex.Browser

Stealth Mode extemsion for Yandex.Browser

As you may or may not heard, russian Internet giant Yandex has launched the new, beta version of its Chromium-based browser first unveiled in the end of 2014. Amongst other innovations and improvements, this beta includes a bunch of neat privacy-related features for those concerned about having full control over the data they share online.

We are happy to inform you that one of those features is a freshly developed by Adguard team Stealth Mode extension, a tool that blocks user tracking code on websites, including analytics cookies, sharing plugins, etc. It is an open source solution, with its code being available for anyone to read and work on on Github.

The major difference between Stealth Mode and popular blockers like ABP, Adguard, Ghostery and others, is that it takes a completely different approach to achieving online privacy. It doesn’t physically block all the trackers. Instead, Stealth Mode simply prevents them from collecting any information. This turns into an advantage, because since all cookies and ETags are being blocked, even if a tracker has not been added to the database yet, it still won’t be able to get any information, making Stealth Mode a more reliable solution.

Stealth Mode is not yet available in Chrome Store, but we plan to publish it soon. Keep am eye on our blog and we promise you won’t miss that.

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