AdGuard for Mac

Adguard for Mac v.1.3.0 release


Last Adguard for Mac version was released in February, so we felt a bit guilty and decided to release a new one ! :)

Adguard for Mac: version 1.2.0

Now some good news for Mac users – here is an update of Adguard for OS X.

Adguard for Mac update: Version 1.1.0

Well, it’s high time to upgrade the Mac version of Adguard program. And it’s exactly what we are going to do today. As well as tell you what’s new and what we have paid special attention to in this release.

Important update of all Adguard versions

Today we have released an important update for all versions of Adguard.

Official Adguard for Mac release

Great news for Mac users. We are finally ready to announce the official release of new Adguard. Yay!