The reason why mobile browsers are popular again

In developed countries fewer people are using browsers to go online, everyone uses mobile apps- Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to access the content of interest. But it's a different story for developing countries where mobile browsers are gaining popularity, and this has a strong reason behind it.

As Wall Street Journal states, the number of Internet users in the world has grown to 3.5 billion over the past few years. Among them, there are many residents of developing countries, where one can easily purchase Android smartphone for $25 and less. But at the same time, the traffic is too expensive for this category of users, that is why they are using mobile browsers with a traffic compression feature (like UC Browser, Opera Mini and other), which allows to save it significantly.

Recently there was a new initiative from Jana company, which briefly reads: free traffic for viewing ads. And this idea is very appealing to users: as you can see on the page of the mCent app (browser from Jana) on Google Play, it has already been downloaded about 50 million times. How does it work? In order to use the Internet for free, the user has to not only view ads but also perform some tasks - for example, install advertised applications.

mCent Browser is still in beta test, but its popularity is quite predictable: free web surfing is very attractive for users in developing countries. For many of them, this concept is simply the only option to join the Internet.

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