YouTube promises to eliminate the most annoying ad format

There will be no unskippable 30 sec ads on YouTube. Such videos will be gone only in 2018, which is nearly a whole year on your calendar and almost eternity for the Internet company. However, 20 and 16 sec unskippable videos will be promoted instead.
Well, that may be just a tiny step for Google, but perhaps a huge one for the mankind.

Anyway, we’ll certainly check-up if the video service has fulfilled its intention to get rid of this format.

YouTube representatives say to the press that they want to focus on advertising formats that “work well for both users and advertisers”.

30 sec ads are deemed to be dark heritage of a television past. A format familiar for TV was just transferred into the Internet where it appeared to be barely suitable.

First of all, a "clip mind" of a typical web user treats non-desirable 30 sec video as the whole eternity of pointless torture. Secondly, imposed and rather long videos ease advertisers off - people who create advertising turn on their imaginative resources only in maximally limiting conditions. Which means that they do call masterpiece into being only once they face such situation when they need to do their best to gain the interest of the audience in just 2 seconds or the ad will just be skipped. Finally, let’s keep in mind the real “fans” of non-skippable ads - all users of mobile devices with limited/expensive/paid traffic.

Campaign expert thinks that YouTube directory is scared by Facebook video platform success. This social network called video one of its development priorities. Facebook took up an active position in increasing amount of content, formats diversity and consumption intensity for its videos. All this attracts more and more advertisers.

Facebook has a creative approach to video ad - a new format of a mid-roll ad was introduced in January which represents itself as ad spots inside of videos. It is included in videos over 90 sec and starts after the 20th sec of watching or later, but not earlier. Long videos receive rating priority in users news feeds. BI provides an opinion that advertising may form principles common for video producing - ad creators will strive to get viewers’ attention within first 20 sec not letting them interrupt their watching because of ads. The first part of the video will become a teaser for the rest of the content. It’s unclear if watching videos will become more viewers-friendly after all these changes, but it’s definitely too soon to uninstall Adguard.

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