What is Adguard?

Adguard is the world’s most advanced Internet filter and ad blocker. Adguard will protect you from annoying ads, viruses, phishing, and will block inappropriate content for kids.

At the moment there are fully operating versions for Windows and OS X, Android and iOS-based devices, and also browser extensions for all wide-spread and most popular browsers. Furthermore, our products are regularly updated and get new functions that are useful for you.

Why is Adguard better than other ad blockers?

Adguard works in all browsers. In addition to browsers filtered by default, you can add any other to the list:

Adguard for Windows

Adguard filters ads faster and to the highest standard in comparison with other blockers. Ad blocking occurs before a page is loaded to the browser. This approach guarantees the highest quality of filtering and helps you save bandwidth. Adguard protects you not only from all types of ads, but also from visiting malicious and phishing websites. Adguard also includes Parental Control. This module will help you to protect your child from visiting websites with undesirable content.

Adguard for Mac

Adguard — first standalone ad blocker for Mac. It has multiple major advantages over ad blocking browser extensions:

  • Adguard filters ads in all and any browsers, including Safari and Chrome;
  • Blocks all types of ads, without exceptions — that means video ads too;
  • Offers to you modules of Browsing security and Spyware protection, which will ensure your Internet surfing is safe and private;
  • Is supported in all OS X versions from 10.7 and higher;
  • Adguard has intuitive and simple UI with such additional features like Adguard Assistant or filtering log.

Adguard for Android

Adguard for Android also has a number of advantages compared to its analogues:

  • No ROOT access required, so you can use Adguard on any device;
  • Adguard is able to block absolutely all kinds of ads;
  • local HTTP Grants you protection from malware and phishing, so you won’t become a victim of any fraud;
  • Blocks ads not only in browsers, but also in games and apps;
  • Adguard speeds up web pages loading. Without ad elements pages load faster;
  • Adguard won’t let anyone track your actions in the web.

Adguard for iOS

Adguard for iOS is an app that protects iPhones and iPads from annoying ads in Safari and has other useful features:

  • Speeds up the load of the Internet: without tons of banners pages open much faster;
  • Protects personal data. Adguard doesn’t allow anyone follow your activities online;
  • Allows to easily add websites to exceptions right from the browser;

What is the difference between browser extension and Adguard for Windows desktop version?

Our browser extensions are absolutely free. Although the desktop version has more advantages:

  • Adguard for Windows works equally well in all browsers, including Internet Explorer and Maxthon.
  • The very process of filtering is much improved. Extension capabilities are limited by the browser. But the program filters a page even before loading to browser, and that ensures the high speed and security.
  • Protects against virus attacks: due to restrictions, browser extension can check only a part of elements being loaded and does not prevent their loading. Whereas Adguard for Windows checks all loading elements before they are loaded to the browser.
  • Windows version warns you about potentially dangerous websites, based on the information in our database.
  • In the Windows version you can protect your child from a negative influence of the Internet by configuring Parental Control the way you want.
  • Higher priority for the technical support. We reply to all of your messages, but tickets from our browser extensions users are the last to be processed.
  • When you use Windows version, Adguard will warn you if you proceed to the website with a low reputation according to Internet users.

Can I use browser extension together with Adguard for Windows?

Yes, you can use a browser extension together with desktop version. In this case the extension will operate as “Adguard Assistant”:

Will Adguard protect my computer from viruses?

Our phishing filter contains more than 1 500 000 malicious and phishing websites at the moment, and their number is constantly growing. The phishing module will be enough for advanced users to avoid infecting the PC.

But Adguard can only warn you about danger:

For the most reliable protection we recommend using an antivirus along with Adguard.

How does Adguard protect my personal data in the Internet?

Every time you are using the Internet – shopping online, clicking the links and even pointing the mouse cursor on it – hundreds of different companies collect information about you to use it in future for advertising purposes.

Adguard includes spyware filter aimed at protection against gathering data about your actions and yourself.

Enable this filter and Adguard will block data transmission to the web that contains info on the websites you visited, purchases you made, your movies or music preferences and much more. Your data will remain confidential.

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