Ad Blocker Module

The Ad Blocker module removes all ad banners and messages from the pages of the websites you visit. The module uses special ad filters - that are essentially sets of filtration rules - to accomplish this task.

Ad filters are automatically updated from Adguard servers. These filters are created manually by our experts and are based on the information provided by our users. You can also help us improve our filters by sending us the addresses of sites with ads that Adguard failed to remove.

Adguard comes with several filters that allow you to fine-tune the program to remove exactly the things you don't need.

User filter

The user filter is an ad filter that you configure on your own. You can add rules to it using Adguard Assistant or create rules manually according to the rule creation guide.

Spyware filter

This filter protects your privacy. Once enabled, it blocks counters and analytical components tracking your activities on the pages of websites.

Social network widgets filter

This filter was created specifically for users who are tired of seeing buttons and social network widgets on the pages of nearly every website. It removes such buttons as "Like" and "Tweet", gets rid of group and community widgets and comment boxes.

English filter

Standard ad blocking filter for English websites.

German filter

Ad blocking filter for German websites.

Russian filter

Ad blocking filter for Russian websites.

Japanese filter

Ad blocking filter for Japanese websites.

Dutch filter

Ad blocking filter for Dutch websites.

Spanish/Portuguese filter

Ad blocking filter for Spanish and Portuguese websites.

Experimental filter

Special filter created by volunteers. Anyone can take part in creating this filter. Open-source project is available here.