Browsing Security Module

The Browsing Security module protects you from malicious and phishing sites. The module uses several different filters based on black lists of phishing or malicious websites.

Malicious site

A malicious site is a site that can infect your computer. Today, most viruses are contracted via such malicious sites.

Phishing site

The notion of a phishing site is fairly broad. Initially, it was used for sites that stole confidential users' data, such as logins, passwords or credit card details. Today, different types of fraudulent sites on the Internet are also called phishing sites: lottery scams, sites selling non-existing content, etc.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of such sites. Inexperienced users can easily become victims of fraudsters or hackers. We hope that the use of our protection from malicious sites will help you avoid the threats you may come across.

Adguard malicious sites filter

The malicious sites filter is generated in a completely automatic mode. The list is updated in two ways.

Adguard phishing sites filter

The phishing filter is filled out in a semi-automatic mode. We use public sources to create lists of sites that are suspected of phishing. The software uses several strategies at the same time to update the list of suspicious sites.

A generated list is checked by an analyst and the sites classified as phishing sites are added to the database. The period between adding a site to the suspecious sites list and checking it is very short and does not usually exceed several hours.

Google Safe Browsing filters

Several years ago, Google presented an open API that enabled developers to quickly check the status of sites and pages to make sure that they were not on the black list of phishing sites.

We couldn't pass up such an opportunity and added the support of Google Safe Browsing filters to Adguard. By the way, these filters contain nearly a million sites.