Welcome to Adguard Help Center!

Thank you for installing the Adguard Web Filter, one of the best programs of its kind. We really hope you will enjoy the program.

Adguard is a web filter designed to protect users from unwanted ads on websites and keep them away from malicious and phishing Internet pages. Apart from this, some of the program's special features provide additional protection against viruses and other types of malware.

Adguard has a special browser module that allows you to manually remove uwanted content from web pages. More information about the "Adguard Assistant" module can be found in the corresponding help section.

Adguard will also be useful for owners of 3G modems. Thanks to the removal of unwanted ad materials, you will save a good deal of traffic and will reduce web page loading time.

Once installed, Adguard silently works in the background and automatically protects you from ads and malicious websites.

This help file was created to help you understand how the program works in general, as well as to describe its features and components. We assume that the user has basic computer literacy and knows how to use Windows. If you don't know what a folder, file or window is, or don't understand how to "switch to another window" or "click a button", we recommend reading the user's manual for your OS prior to proceeding to these help materials.