Ad Blocker Filters

This section is available in the Adguard window (see the Settings - Ad Blocker section) only if the extended interface is enabled.

This group of settings enables you to create and edit your own filtration rules or disable rules from the default filter.

This section should be used only by experienced Adguard users who have read and understood the rule creation guide.

User-defined filter

The top part of the screen contains a dropdown list of Adguard filters. The default selection is User filter - a filter that you can create on your own.

You can manually add rules to this filter or use Adguard Assistant. You can also delete or disable any rule from this filter. To do it, right-click a line containing this rule and select the necessary action.

Export/import of user-defined filters

You can save all of your rules to a text file or load a list of rules from a text file.

Be careful when importing a user-defined filter, as it will replace all of the existing rules in your current filter.