Network Settings

This section is available in the Adguard window (Settings - Network section) only if the extended interface is enabled.

Proxy settings

These settings may come in handy if you use a proxy server for Internet access. At the moment, the program supports HTTP proxies only. Available operating modes:

Traffic filtration

Configuring traffic filtration modes.

Traffic interception module

The traffic interception module is intended for automatic filtration of your browser traffic. If Adguard is enabled, it will automatically intercept all of your traffic. If you disable the traffic interception module, automatic filtration will become impossible and the only option you'll have is that of using Adguard as an HTTP proxy.

Filter https-protocol

Adguard will filter secure (https) connections if this option is enabled.

Use WFP network driver

Using WFP network driver allows Adguard to filter Modern UI applications traffic in Windows 8.