Adguard Assistant

Adguard Assistant is a special browser module of the program that can automatically remove any type of content from a web page.

How to use Adguard Assistant

Take a look at the lower right corner of any web page opened in your browser. If Adguard Assistant is enabled and can work with this page, you will see its icon there.

Adguard Assistant icon

Adguard Assistant icon

Clicking this icon will bring up the Adguard Assistant menu.

Adguard Assistant menu

Adguard Assistant extended menu

You have several actions to choose from. We will take a look at each of them below.

Block element

Allows you to select any element of a web page and add a rule to the user filter that will remove this element from every page of this website. When the Block element button is clicked in the Adguard Assistant menu, the element selection mode is activated. Every element under the mouse button is highlighted. Left-clicking on an element opens a menu for blocking it.

Adguard element blocking rule setup

The slider located in the top part of the window allows you to change the selected element (by choosing its parent or nested element). A nested element can only be selected if it's the only nested element of the object.

When choosing page elements, don't click on Flash banners. The problem is that Adguard Assistant cannot capture clicks on such banners. Try selecting its parent element by clicking very close to the border of a Flash banner and then select the banner using the slider.

Be careful with this type of rules. A rule added on one page of a site can be erroneously activated on another page of the same site.

Rules added to the user filter by Adguard Assistant can be disabled and edited in the settings of the Ad Blocker module.

Add exception

You can add the current site to the list of exceptions. This means that Adguard will only partially filter ads on this site or won't filter them at all. When the Add exception link is clicked in the Adguard Assistant menu, it will open a new exception window.

New exception

New exception window

That's how a new exception window looks. You can edit it and specify the filtration methods that should not be used or disable filtration altogether. You can also control whether filtration will be disabled on this specific page or the entire site.

Undo last action

Undoes the latest rule created with Adguard Asistant. The rule creation history is only kept in the memory until the program is closed, so if you restart it, you won't be able to undo the most recent rule. If you added several rules using Adguard Assistant, you will be able to undo them one by one.

Temporary don't block

Disables filtering on the current site for 30 seconds.

Submit a complaint

Submits a complaint on the current web site. You should describe the reason for this complaint.

Change settings

Allows you to edit Adguard Assistant settings directly from your browser.

Adguard Assistant limitations

Please note that Adguard Assistant does not work on all sites. The sites it doesn't work on are: