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2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices
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Yes, we have a special offer — 30% off on everything, either purchase of a new license or renewal of an existing one. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing with those around us, so don't miss the chance to protect yourself and your loved ones from online threats!
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Ad blocking
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Average apps rating 9.5/10 based on all user reviews

Best app on Android. I wouldn't run anything else without it. Thanks for providing an awesome product.

Simple, honest, reliable, affordable! Great product.

great program which stops a lot of angst and frustration when on line.

AdGuard runs amazing on Chrome for windows, the only problem is when websites asks for you to disable the adblock or you won't be able to check their website. Still is great for privacy and malware sites, i use it for browsing random sites some of the...

Great app that really works, I hate seeing ads in apps and on the web so this is perfect for me, also I love that it is protecting my privacy

I've been using AdGuard for a few years now and it has only gotten better every year! The user interface is more modern and intuitive than any other adblocker out there. Highly recommended.

It does what it says perfectly. I only have one issue. Why does it use so much data in itself? It used 1.4 gigs in 6 days.. Is it due to my internet usage completely? Is there any way to minimalize that amount in future updates? Other than that I love...

AdGuard is a really complete app. Not only it blocks ads but it stands a fight against privacy intrusion, it creates a solid wall against tracking, advertising and malware. Support is efficient and quick to respond. A software worth buying.

AdGuard for Desktop is the most efficient way to block ads on Mac right now.

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices
Buy for a year