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It's a good ad blocker, but it blocks things that are not ads... Like the banner on a website that is purely for design. It also stops me from being able to read comments on the Washington Post unless I turn it off, which then allows ads to show. Unfortunately,...


i can't use chrome or any other browser without this Extension
keep it guys you are the best <3

I've tried tons of ad blocking extensions..since 2011, so I have a lot of experience with other blockers and AdGuard is vastly superior. I have been using it literally since I've found it. I even got it on my phone Lol. It truly is amazing. The GUI/Interface...

The greatest Adblock (Its more than Adblock) out there.

Ad blocking saves data and peace of mind too!

After waiting five minutes for a newspaper page to load (it was frozen by some annoying background adverts) I decided to install Adguard Adblocker on my Chromebook. The result? The newspaper page loaded in 5 seconds. I don't object to adverts on sites,...

The Adguard technical support has provided an excellent assistance by providing a concise solution to sort out license unbinding. Many thanks for your best ❤️ support.

Thank you way smart peeples for providing the future as i saw possible when i was younger...without commercials...just like i told my folks, in my generation there wont be commercials.. its a 1970's kids dream come true because there were only 4 cartoons...

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices
Buy for a year