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Best in class. This program is the best available for getting rid of those internet nuisances called ads.

I upgraded my phone and needed my Activation key and Adguard got back to me withing 12 hours and I was backup and running.

Only known and using AdGuard for 2 weeks. It's the best Safari Adblock extension. Great support. It's not perfect but best.

3 years with Adguard!
Ads free screen, excellent customer support! Highly recommended!

AdGuard is one of the best utilities I have ever downloaded. Easy, simple, and 100% effective. Customer service is fast and accurate. Enthusiastic 5 star rating!

Brilliant,does everything expected of it and mor

I am unable to comment on other reviews but let me say this. Yes, Adguard may only offer a 2 week trial but yes, they do offer the Edge extension for free as they stated. I don't use Edge. I also don't have any cash to spend on ad blocking programs. I...

I find that Adguard has a significant benefit for the speed of my WEB use. A recent upgrade to FOXFIRE disabled Adguard and it was almost as bad as going back to dial-up, before I determined the cause. (NOTE- Foxfire's latest build - 66.0.4 again allows...

Best app you can ever buy. The most useful for now days. Thank you guys for this you work

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices
Buy for a year