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So far so good, Easy to understand.
Keep Up The Good Work ✌😃

Have been using AdGuard for a few years. Very pleased with the product, price and outstanding customer support. The app works seamlessly and does it job.............

It's an amazing adblock, but the youtube ad blocking only works half the time. And when it breaks I have to redownload the whole extension all over again for it to work.

Would reccomend, seems like it may cause malware but its not the extensions fault. Worked for me and my friends for 6 years so far

this works like a charm it blocks every ad on any website and even youtube ads.the ownly downside i would have is that if you try downloading something if it tries to take you to another website it will not allow it to. but still a definite 5/5

It WORKS!!! Very useful extension, and it tells you how many ads were blocked. Thank you, now I can listen to music AD FREE. If you don't have this, get it.

it is the best one there is

literally the best ad blocker you will ever find

some websites stop working after activating this, but this is a nice break from the ads

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices