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Alex chu adguard is working they work for browser chrome
adguard is the best

Tony Pardey Adguard works! A minor issue with my license fixed by Adguard with no hassle. I'm impressed, well done Adguard.

Jim Elliott AdGuard really works, I have tried several Adblockers, AdGuard is the best.

Hiyuki2001 Adguard is Pretty Good! Adguard answer all my question and solved my problem, I pretty love Adguard. Adguard have many option to select what to block and can create own Filter. Adguard have many rule to choose! Keep up good work!

HuKaijie What is the difference between AdGuard Pro and AdGuard Ad Blocker? Wry confused by this.

Brian Owen Can't fault adguard at all, I have never had a better product than adguard, it does exactly what it says on the tin, well done adguard.

astraltrucker55 after my free use of adguard I missed it bad thank you adguard.

AMS1997 Little confusing due to AdGuard free, AdGuard Premium, and AdGuard Premium. Needs a better way of explaining how things work since I’m very new to this. I just use the default AdGuard has. It works though!

danud himsara best adguard i ever used

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices