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I just love it! It works very well, and blocks all the ads so I can roam the internet better without having to see ads.

best adblocker ever like srly better than the tamper monkey scripts

You are the best!!! Thank you so much!

To date I have not been bothered with any pop up ads. That is what I wanted!
Great Job AdGuard.

I had some issues with how AdGuard was working. I emailed their Technical Support department and I received a response within one-day which solved my problem. It was a pleasure working with their Technical Support department and I highly recommend p1

I couldn't access my AdGuard program, but the support provided by AdGuard helped solve the problem It took a few goes, but the team came through... very impressed.

I have been using Adguard for past few years - both Android and iOS versions. There were glitches and bugs, but Adguard was always very fast to respond to my queries and provide fixes in minimum time. So far I am very much satisfied with the product1

This is amazing. I use it on my smartphone for Chrome and on my laptop for Chrome. Blocks almost all ads. Easy to use, stylish in Settings. Very good, I use free 10 Mbps internet included to rent and pages are downloading so much faster now. I do no1

Forza 7 multiplayer hoppers would return the error "failed to acquire server data" when Adguard for Windows was installed on our gaming PC's. Adguard support was prompt in troubleshooting the problem with a pinpoint answer. I've been very pleased wi1

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices