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This software was very easy to buy and install, on both of my phones and the lap top.

Blue T. Stormz

Loved it so much, i purchased it, for life ! It's that good !!

This is really great for blocking unnecessary ads popping up on your screen.

great program which stops a lot of angst and frustration when on line.

AdGuard is a really complete app. Not only it blocks ads but it stands a fight against privacy intrusion, it creates a solid wall against tracking, advertising and malware. Support is efficient and quick to respond. A software worth buying.

AdGuard for Desktop is the most efficient way to block ads on Mac right now.

The software is beyond amazing, it takes all the junk out of the internet and leaves your eyes not requiring a bleaching every time you browse the internet.
The company has great support too!!

Best in class. This program is the best available for getting rid of those internet nuisances called ads.

Only known and using AdGuard for 2 weeks. It's the best Safari Adblock extension. Great support. It's not perfect but best.

2 Mac or PC + 2 Android devices