Create your own monster!
Aren't you tired of seeing the same old monsters again and again? Are zombies and werewolves really that scary? The time is high to come up with your own creation that will properly reflect the dangers of the modern world! Try it... if you're not afraid!
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Freedom? The monster you've created hates this word. At any time of the day or night it is ready to restrict and confine. It seems that this giant is omnipotent, and can cut you off from your favorite websites forever...
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It’s impossible to see it, but it's there — constantly watching its prey. You might think you’ve merely opened a website or an app, but in fact you gave access to personal information to the creepy monster.
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Run for your lives! The tentacles of the Infokraken have entangled the entire Internet. It's on the prowl for information that can be stolen and used for all kinds of slimy purposes.
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Swarmonster is suffocatingly intrusive, flooding you with all sorts of ads. Think you can get rid of it? No, it’ll appear before your eyes again and again, distracting, confusing, and imposing false thoughts and desires.
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