Pay safely. On your terms.
Use virtual cards to keep control over your online payments and protect your money from unwanted charges and losses
Shield for your money. Protect yourself from fraud by freezing or closing your virtual card in one click. Set up a single-use virtual card and merchants won’t be able to charge you more than once.
Subscriptions management. Make a unique virtual card for each website you pay at and set the spending limit to prevent going over budget with your recurring payments.
Anonymous payments. Use any cardholder name and billing info if you want to make a purchase that you don't want to be associated with you.
Why choose virtual cards?
Create, freeze or close virtual cards online at any time
Stay clear on how much you spend with the aggregated reporting
Switch to the currency that suits your needs perfectly
Connect to Apple & Google and pay with your devices like you used to
Take control over your money
Start creating virtual cards with AdGuard