Twice the releases, twice the fun

Hello, guys and gals!

Today's article is a very short one: I just want to let all of you know about two minor updates: for AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for Windows, respectively. They are not big enough of updates to be worthy of a full-scale post, but couldn't be left unnoticed either. Below is a short extract of the most important changes and fixes that went into the new versions.

AdGuard for Android v2.10.176

Here we introduce one 'visual' change: separate Wi-Fi/Mobile stats on the 'Apps Management' screen. There's now a drop-down menu on the statistics screen that allows you to choose between displaying stats for Wi-Fi, Mobile or all traffic.

Except for that, almost all other changes made are hotfixes of some sort, like one for "Wakelock" that prevented the device from entering sleeping mode.

Oh, and we seized the opportunity to update the localizations and squeeze in some compatibility fixes.

AdGuard for Windows v6.2.437

Over the last weeks we've received several reports about bugs that slithered in the latest release. They turned out to be both moderately important and relatively easy to fix, so we decided to release a new update off-schedule.

While not being the most important feature, the automatic certificate reinstall is more relevant for Firefox-based browsers than for any other ones. And it just so happened that this feature didn't work in Firefox. We had to intervene! Also, you'll find several compatibility fixes, including one for desktop Viber app.

In conclusion

This is not a normal practice — to release such small updates, but we felt like we shouldn't do it silently anyway, so here we go. Let us know if you have any questions or opinions on the new versions!

Vasily Bagirov en AdGuard for Android AdGuard for Windows Release Notes
1 de diciembre de 2017
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23 de noviembre de 2017
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AdGuard & AdGuard Pro for iOS 1.3.3


Every time Apple releases a new iPhone there is a huge hype wave in news and social media, and iPhone X has not been an exception. Looks like a perfect time to release a new AdGuard for iOS version, doesn't it? The new version makes a strong emphasis on improving the Content blocker part, so the changelog won't differ much for regular and Pro versions. Renovated Assistant and the new “Invert whitelist” option are the headliners, with few pesky bugs eliminated along the way.

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