Why are the ad banners dangerous

Dear friends, today we would like to share an interesting article that will remind once again why ad blockers shall be considered necessary for every internet user.

According to the report published by Cyphort (company that specializes on internet security), hackers activity in ad networks has tripled in less than a year. Number of ads (even on popular websites) which contain viruses and other malicious software has significantly increased. Such ads usually infect computers through the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and are triggered as soon as the virus-ad is loaded in your browser.

Cyphort has studied the case by examining 100 000 most visited websites (according to Alexa rating) and by analyzing how many of them displayed infected ads.

As we can see, compared with June 2014, results from February 2015 cause worry. More than 400 sites out from the most major and popular ones, with hundreds of thousands visitors(!) were loading viruses alongside ads to the users’ devices. And there is every reason to believe that such an increase in hackers activity will continue in future.

Wow, what am I supposed to do no?

Install an ad blocker. The one like our Adguard!;)

Ad blockers serve not only for esthetics. Yes, banners are annoying, and web surfing is much more pleasant without them, but as we can see it is the matter of security now. Attackers are using ad banners more active as a tool for infection of your device by viruses and other malware. This means that ad blockers are now an essential necessity and protection from online threats.

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۲ سپتامبر ۲۰۱۵
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