AdGuard's Big Halloween Promo

This year we were a bit late with ideas for Halloween, so we decided to scare you with large discounts:

  • 40% OFF all AdGuard ad blocker license keys (including renewals and upgrades of the keys you already have):

  • 60% OFF the AdGuard VPN Yearly subscription:

Defeat the ad and tracking monsters with AdGuard (40% off)

We offer 40% off all AdGuard ad blocker license keys – Personal or Family, Yearly or Lifetime. Discover the advantages of a full-fledged ad blocker: purchase a license at a large discount and you will feel the difference compared to a browser extension!


Already have a license key?

Then you can upgrade it to cover more devices or renew it (the new period is automatically added to the current subscription period) at a lower price. To do so, proceed to this page and enter your key.

Stay anonymous and bypass geo-blocking (60% off)

AdGuard VPN will erase borders and make you fast and elusive on the net. During the promotion, you can purchase a Yearly subscription 60% cheaper.
Bypass geo-blocking by connecting to various locations around the world. Stay invisible to governments and corporations!


Hope you like this year's treats. And Happy Halloween to you all!

P.S. The offer is valid until November 4.

Daria Magdik aiheesta Promo
30. lokakuuta 2020
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