AdGuard turns 12! Celebrate with us: play our web survival game and get a discount

1st of June is a special day for AdGuard. It's the day when our company was founded 12 years ago. We feel so grateful to the community that has gathered around AdGuard over these years: to users, translators, beta testers, and contributors of all kinds. Thanks to you we keep growing and getting better! And we’ll try to keep making you happy and not to let you down.

Surely, we have prepared some birthday specials to celebrate this day together with you.

Web survival game

How well are you prepared to face online threats and come out unscathed? We've come up with a web survival game that will test your online survival instincts. Answer all the questions, and who knows, maybe you'll even get a nice bonus in the end ;)


Birthday sale

Oh, and if you're here just for a discount, you can get to it ASAP. There are even two of them!

P.s. Discounts are valid from June 1 to June 8 inclusive.

P.p.s. Not only can you buy a new license/subscription, you can also renew or upgrade your existing one. Just go to your AdGuard account and get your discount — it will be applied automatically!

Thank you for sticking with us! And if you'd like to say 'Happy birthday!', the comments are open. It'll definitely put a smile on our faces!

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