AdGuard Valentine's Day promo

Looking for a perfect Valentine’s gift? A tech gift could actually be romantic!

This might surprise you, but an ad blocker or VPN can actually be a romantic gift. Think about it: we live in the digital era where tech means everything.
Besides, these days we stay home more often than not, so online privacy and security have become our top priority.

For Valentine's Day, we made a 40% sale on AdGuard Yearly Family licenses and a 60% sale on AdGuard VPN Yearly subscriptions. A Family license can be used on up to 9 devices, and a VPN subscription – on up to 5 devices. Don't miss the chance to protect everyone you care about.

AdGuard ad blocker: Family protection

Download, activate premium features and... say goodbye to ads, trackers, online threats and what not. Off they go! For both you and your loved ones the internet will become a much better space.

Get AdGuard with 40% off

Promo code LOVEANDCARE is also valid for renewals of your Yearly Family licenses.

AdGuard VPN: Yearly subscription

One click on the ‘Enable’ button, and your IP is changed. The world is yours, enjoy it: bypass geo-restrictions while travelling or at home, connect to public Wi-Fi safely, and get access to your favorite content.

Get AdGuard VPN with 60% off

Express love to your Valentine: make them happy 365 days a year, not only on February 14.

All discounts are valid until February 16, inclusively.

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