AdGuard’s Easter Special Offer

Easter is coming, we hope you’ll have fun celebrating it! To make this time even better, we’ve got some sweet deals for you. So, here’s what’s cracking!

40% off AdGuard

We’re giving 40% off all AdGuard licenses. But this time when we say all, we actually mean it: Yearly and Lifetime, Personal and Family — everything is on sale!


60% off AdGuard VPN

A VPN hides your IP address and allows you to surf the web anonymously and to bypass geo-restrictions. Save more than half the price of Yearly AdGuard VPN subscriptions and protect your online security in one click.

I’M IN 🐣

Upgrades and renewals

We couldn’t but drop prices for our loyal users as well.

You can renew your ad blocker license and/or VPN subscription even if it hasn't expired yet — just add another year to it beforehand and at a great price.

Another option is to upgrade an existing license. Protect more devices by switching from Personal to Family or make your license last forever — switch to Lifetime!

Just log in to your AdGuard account at the link below and upgrade/renew any license of yours. The discount will be applied automatically.


The offer is valid until April 7, inclusive.

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