We take for granted that protection switch on the main screen is on. With that out of the way, check the following:

Go to SettingsNetworkHTTPS Filtering and make sure that the Filter HTTPS protocol checkbox is ticked.
Disable all ad blockers other than AdGuard.
If you are using any other apps that can control Internet traffic (such as antiviruses), go to SettingsGeneral SettingsAdvanced Settings and tick the Use redirect driver mode checkbox, and then click Save.
If you're using an antivirus, add all executable files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard to your antivirus's exclusions. Then open SettingsNetworkList of filtered applications in AdGuard and uncheck the checkbox beside your antivirus.
If you're using a less popular browser, add them to the list of filtered apps manually via SettingsNetworkList of filtered applications by clicking the + icon there.

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