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Adguard for Windows v6.1.312

It was quite a while since the last Adguard for Windows release. And there are other reasons for that apart from the Christmas/New Year holidays: we’d been extensively testing the new network driver. Why is it so important? Read further.

So, what is there for me in this network driver, you might ask? Well, it fixes an old compatibility issue with several popular antivirus programs. It will make many of our users’ lives much easier — which means our lives too :) For sure, there are other fixes and changes as well, and you will find the whole list below.


[Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497

Previously, it was not unusual at all that Adguard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal — you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either Adguard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run Adguard alongside with KIS and ESET.

[Improved] The way we respond to HTTP protocol violation #1452

It would take too long to explain technical nuances, but effectively this fixes the problem some users might have come across before: when you try to open a page and it is downloaded as a file instead.

  • [Fixed] $popup rule bug #1504
  • [Fixed] QUIC protocol issue when KIS is installed #1482
  • [Fixed] HideUserSearch option breaks the ’maximize’ button graphics #1536
  • [Fixed] ’Disable Fast Open’ setting doesn’t work in latest Insider Preview builds #1487
  • [Fixed] Several issues in Firefox with the default value of ’Hide you user-agent’ setting #1493

Ad Blocking

  • [Added] $network basic rules modifier to solve the issue with loading ads through WebRTC #1297
  • [Changed] Extra Steam executables removed from the list of filtered apps #1468
  • [Fixed] Invalid executable for CentBrower #1453
  • [Fixed] $replace rules aren’t applied to .m3u8 files content #1428
  • [Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren’t processed properly #1475
  • [Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #1533


  • [Added] A new advanced settings property to change the injection method — local or remote #1492
  • [Changed] Version history link in about section #1471
  • [Changed] Parental Control password protection is made separate for different Windows user accounts #1480


  • [Changed] HTTPS exceptions list is updated #1532
  • [Changed] Opera Neon browser added to the list of filtered apps #1495
  • [Changed] Orbitum browser added to the list of filtered apps #1467

And that’s all for now! How did the update go for you? How do you find the new version? Let us know in the comments section.

Vasily Bagirov za AdGuard for Windows Release Notes
17. veljače 2017.
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