It is important to understand that iOS is a fairly closed operational system. Apple doesn't provide many possibilities to block ads outside of Safari. The first thing you need to do is to enable DNS protection and choose AdGuard DNS server: AdGuard SettingsDNS protectionToggle the switch to ONDNS serverAdGuard DNS.
If it didn't help, do the following:
View the browser version of this app/service (e.g., YouTube, Facebook) in Safari. Since Apple allows Safari content blocking, we can block ads very efficiently in this browser.
Or please do contact We will provide you with further instructions on what can be done.

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Započelo je preuzimanje AdGuard-a To install AdGuard, click the file indicated by the arrow Odaberite "Otvori" i pritisnite "U redu", te zatim pričekajte da se datoteka preuzme. U otvorenom prozoru povucite ikonu AdGuarda u mapu "Aplikacije". Hvala što ste odabrali AdGuard! Odaberite "Otvori" i pritisnite "U redu", potom pričekajte da se datoteka preuzme. U otvorenom prozoru pritisnite "Instaliraj". Hvala vam što ste izabrali AdGuard!
Također instalirajte AdGuard za mobilne uređaje