How is AdGuard different from other ad blockers?

It heavily depends on the platform. Generally, we at AdGuard don't want to rely just on the capabilities provided by the browsers. That's why our flagship products are standalone programs, which allows blocking ads and trackers system-wide.
We believe that this is the only proper way for users to regain control of their devices and data. Traditional ad blockers depend on the goodwill of browsers developers, which mostly are global corporations who profit from showing their users ads. For AdGuard, it does not make any difference what browser or app you use, it does its job equally well everywhere.

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Započelo je preuzimanje AdGuard-a To install AdGuard, click the file indicated by the arrow Odaberite "Otvori" i pritisnite "U redu", te zatim pričekajte da se datoteka preuzme. U otvorenom prozoru povucite ikonu AdGuarda u mapu "Aplikacije". Hvala što ste odabrali AdGuard! Odaberite "Otvori" i pritisnite "U redu", potom pričekajte da se datoteka preuzme. U otvorenom prozoru pritisnite "Instaliraj". Hvala vam što ste izabrali AdGuard!
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