AdGuard Browser Extension v2.10

Hello! Long time no see! Soon it will be time to bid farewell to Summer, which is always a little sad. And while new AdGuard release won't be able to extend it, maybe it will make your day a little better. Let's have a look at the new AdGuard Browser extension.

Oh — and I recommend reading the article until the end, as there's a pleasant surprise waiting for you there :)

What's new?

This update adds several minor-ish (although filter enthusiasts will argue) features to the Filtering Log and improves ad blocking quality. More specifically:

[Added] Element hiding rules highlighting #1053

Applied element hiding rules are now highlighted with yellow color in the Filtering Log. This will greatly help parse log entries. If you've ever tried to create your own rules with Filtering log's aid, we don't have to convince you :)

[Added] Wildcard character support in rules with domain modifier #571

Another treat for filtering rules creators. Previously you had to list domains old-fashioned way:, etc, and now you can simply use example.* syntax. Simple and efficient!

[Improved] Scripts are injected faster #1029

To efficiently block ads on the page we need a way to reliably inject our scripts before the in-page scripts are executed. A set of measures has been taken to ensure this. While there is still no 100% guarantee, the success chance has increased considerably — along with ad blocking quality.

The rest of the changes include mostly bug fixes and are listed on GitHub. Feel free to scrutinize!

A promised surprise!

Patience should be rewarded, and you made it through the article, so here's a small gift.

As you all know, our Browser extension is free and, as we hope, it does a good job of blocking ads. But standalone apps are even better, and today you have a chance to purchase a license key (or several) with a nice 35% discount! Make haste before the offer ends on September 4th.

Vasily Bagirov in AdGuard Browser Extensions Release Notes Promo
29 agosto 2018
Scaricando i commenti si accetti i termini e le politiche
Il scaricamento di AdGuard è iniziato. Per installarlo, clicca il bottone indicato dalla freccia, poi apri il file di installazione e segui le istruzioni. Seleziona "Apri" e clicca su "OK" — può darsi che tu debba aspettare un po' di tempo mentre il file viene scaricato. Nella finestra che si apre, trascina l'icona di AdGuard dentro la cartella "Applicazioni". Grazie per aver scelto AdGuard! Seleziona "Apri" e clicca su "OK" — può darsi che tu debba aspettare un po' di tempo mentre il file viene scaricato. Nella finestra che si apre clicca su "Installa". Grazie per aver scelto AdGuard!