AdGuard 2.1 for Mac: faster, stronger, better

Last time we were talking about AdGuard for Mac in this blog, it was about version 2.0 that turned the app on its head. Updates of such magnitude simply don't happen every other month. Today, we'll look at the new AdGuard for Mac v2.1: while not as mind-blowing, it serves the purpose of improving the app in a meaningful way.

Let's start with a new feature:

Automatic filter subscriptions detection

Let's say you found out about a new sweet filter that you'd like to be in your arsenal. Normally you'd have to add the desired filter manually by entering its URL. Now there's a simpler way. The thing is, most filters have "subscribe" buttons on their homepages or in other places like dedicated forums. From now on, AdGuard for Mac will be able to intercept clicks on such links and will offer you to add these filters to the app.

The dialog window you'll see when AdGuard intercepts a click on a subscription link.

Notice that there's also a checkbox to "Always open these types of links in the associated app". The associated app being AdGuard, of course :)

I don't want to make a bigger deal out of this new addition than it deserves, but it's a nice thing to have. Now let's move on to our beloved CoreLibs.

CoreLibs update

Every time I talk about CoreLibs in my articles, I am fighting the urge to remind what it is, and every time I lose. In the end, not everyone is following our blog, and for the new readers the name may be confusing. CoreLibs is the heart of AdGuard, its filtering engine. CoreLibs is what actually does all the dirty work behind the pretty face.

So, what has changed? There's been made over 50 bug fixes and other improvements. Overall, AdGuard for Mac is now faster and much more stable than it used to be, but I'd also like to give a few specific examples of how you as AdGuard user can experience it.

  • Previously, AdGuard occasionally would cause unnecessary cookie reset on some websites. It could show in different ways, but one of the most irritating was spontaneous sign outs. The fact that it could happen on such websites as Twitch or YouTube didn't make it any better. The bug has been fixed, and now you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without ads once again.

  • Several issues with upload speed have been resolved. Few things hurt more than slow Internet connection, so we made it a priority to fix these problems.

  • Some activities, such as downloads or some online games, require upholding a continuous connection. The instances when AdGuard protection restarts used to mean closing all ongoing connections and subsequent issues with such activities. With the new CoreLibs version this will not happen anymore.

Our developers will, of course, continue to improve CoreLibs, so more goodies are scheduled for the next version. And if you want to get them more often, consider joining our beta program.

To see the complete changelog, head over to GitHub. All in all, this update is not the biggest one ever but pulls its weight. And don't forget to let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in the next one. See you again soon!

Vasily Bagirov AdGuard for Mac Release Notes
2019년 8월 16일
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