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Mr. Adguard
11 juli 2014
Mr. Adguard
7 juli 2014
How does Adguard Browsing Security work?

Every day tens of thousands of people fall victims to virus attacks or fraud on the Internet. To protect Adguard users from such threats, we have added special filters to the program that protect you from malicious and phishing websites.

Mr. Adguard
4 juli 2014
Adguard extension for Safari

Dear Friends, we’ve got news for Apple browser users! Adguard is now an official Safari Gallery extension.

Mr. Adguard
1 juni 2014
Mr. Adguard
23 mei 2014
Adguard Road Map

We think it’s about time to structure our development plan for Adguard, and tell our users about it. From time to time, we told you about our plans for the future, but we have never gathered them in one place.