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AdGuard for Android

Adguard for Android now has a Firewall

Dear friends, yesterday we have released a beta version of our app for Android. And this release was a very significant one. The major update was the introducing of Adguard’s own Firewall. Many of you already knew about the planned innovation and were looking forward to this release. For the rest, we’ll explain right now why is it so good and important.

Adguard for Android 1.1.887 new release

So, it’s time to introduce new Adguard for Android version. We’ve focused on optimization of app performance, and tried to make it even more “lightweight”.

Latest updates digest

Just recently, we announced the release of Adguard for Mac public beta. Just a month (well, maybe a little bit more :)) and we will be ready to release the official final version. In the meantime, we would like to recall the important updates of other Adguard products that came out this month.

Adguard for Android: version 1.1.835 released!

We know you all are eager to see new Adguard 1.2, and believe us, we also can’t wait for that moment. But there is still some work to be done, and meanwhile we would like to present you 1.1.835 update.

New release: Adguard for Android version 1.1

As you probably know, our app has been recently removed from Google Play, because we provide the best ad blocking and privacy protection on this platform:)